We have recently returned from a wonderful week in Devon. We went to Menorca last year and Bob had an amazing time! She kept asking if we could go back but with our abroad holiday when Bob was a baby still imprinted on my mind, I didn’t want to risk leaving the country whilst Bow was a baby.

We have friends in Devon so we decided to spend our holiday there. We stayed on a lovely farm in Kenn.

fairy toadstool fun

There were horses, sheep, dogs, chickens, guinea foul and a gorgeous pond. Bob loved feeding the fish!

gorgeous fish pond

There were also two peacocks wandering around the farm and they would come to call for us each morning. Bob spent the week finding peacock feathers. Since we arrived home they have been in pride of place.

peacock calling

The weather was very kind to us and it only rained on the day that we were leaving. I didn’t mind this as it made packing much easier!

devon farm holiday

We had a lot of fun during our visit. We spent several lovely days at the beach.

surfer chick

wassssssup budweiser

baby on the beach

Bob loved paddling in the sea and building sandcastles. Bow loved eating sand and knocking sandcastles down.

holidays in the united kingdom

eating sand

One day we saw a giant jelly fish! It was bigger than Bow! Some people were going up to touch it but we weren’t that brave!

giant jelly fish

Another day I found a heart washed up on the beach. The sea had left it behind as it hurried away. I thought this was beautiful!


We also went rock pooling. Michael loves rock pooling and he made it his mission to find some rock pools. He was tempted to drive to Newquay as we know there are some good ones there. Eventually he settled for Goodrington Sands. He was in his element! I think the children enjoyed it too.

rock pool at goodrington sands devon

There was a carnival in Dawlish the week we were there. We visited one day and Bob had an amazing time! I was scared when she insisted on going on the bungee trampolines but she absolutely loved it!

bungee trampoline children

We decided to go to an outdoor pool one day. My friend informed me that these were called lidos. You learn something new every day. There was a couple of splash pools for Bow and many water slides for my little dare devil. I am dreading when she is older as I know she will be dragging me on huge roller coasters! Luckily I was busy with Bow so Daddy went on the water slides with her. I settled for the peaceful rides. 🙂

boating lake

It really was a wonderful week and we were sad when our holiday came to an end. As we were leaving Devon, Michael asked Bob if she preferred Devon or Menorca. She said she loved them both! Now the tough decision is where we should go next year. 

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    Your holiday looks amazing and so much fun too. I wouldn’t be brave enough to touch a jelly fish either!! We’ve always fancied Devon but the drive there always puts me off. Looks like you got some brilliant weather to make memories though 🙂


      The drive put us off for a while too but once our friends moved there we took the plunge. Travelling at bedtime is best as the traffic is much better and hopefully the children sleep. xx

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