When Bob was a baby I used to wonder how she would learn to talk. I know it’s something that most children do but the concept amazed me. I used to ask friends with children how their speech developed, wondering how they made the leap from single words to full sentences. Nobody seemed to be able to tell me. They knew it had happened but they weren’t sure of the process.

As Bob grew I was amazed at how her language changed, almost daily. She started with individual sounds which then became words. Then the words joined together in sentences that made perfect sense to her but might not have done to others. I recorded her ‘Bobisms’ so that I would always remember them. My favourite was the way she said, ‘I don’t know.’ We still joke around together saying, ‘No no me.’

At 11 months old Bow’s speech has already changed. He has been saying ‘Momom’ for a while but now he says ‘Mama’ in the cutest little voice. It has made me think of all the words he has to learn and how he’ll soon be chatting away to us.

Last night, as I cuddled him to sleep, I kissed him on the forehead and said, ‘I love you!’ I thought of the day when he would be able to say it back to me and my heart swelled!

sleeping baby

Bob is such a loving little girl and we say we love each other several times a day. For some reason, I can’t remember the first time that Bob said ‘I love you.’ I am sure at the time we had a little celebration but it makes me sad that I can’t remember it now when I think back.

I am determined not to let that happen again! This time I am going to remember every little detail.

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    I think I am the same. can’t quite remember the specific first time. but love it now it happens regularly x


    This is lovely! I also can’t remember the first time either exactly but it still melts my heart every time my 3 year old tells me she loves me 🙂 xx


    What a lovely memory to share with us all.


    I think there is no better feeling than the one when they say ‘i love you’ for the first time. xx


    Oh what a lovely post. I don’t remember the first time. My daughter says it all the time but it means so much. It’s lovely when they say sweet things to us.


    It amazes me too. Especially that my 19 months old understands pretty much everything I say to her. It makes me a little sad too though because it means time is running out to teach her mummy’s mother tongue.


    Babies and toddler’s development really fascinates me. They learn and pick up from others so quickly, it’s crazy! My 2.5 year old is starting to put sentences together and it’s the cutest thing. What a lovey post!x


      It is adorable! I have just been having a very interesting chat with a 3 year old. It seems forever ago since my 5 year old was like that. Can’t wait for it to happen again. x


    this is sucha cute post, Emily is yet to say love you, she does say miss you though! x


    I really struggle to remember my first daughters achievements and now my second and even thirds daughter. It’s scary. This is why I love my blog!


    It is so lovely when they say I love you for the first time xx

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