When Bob was a baby I liked using baby sleeping bags. She had many different ones and they kept her warm and meant that I didn’t need to use any loose covers. I don’t think Bob had a quilt until she was about 2.

I did used to wonder if her arms wold be warm enough in winter. I didn’t want to use a fleecy sleepsuit as I thought that would be too warn inside the sleep bag but a thin sleepsuit didn’t seem enough.

When I heard about the new Slumbersacs that have sleeves I thought these were a great idea and I couldn’t wait to try one. They have many lovely designs! I chose the Forest Friends one as it was just too cute!

When the Slumbersac arrived I loved the design! It had a little forest scene on the front and a ditsy woodland pattern on the back. It also had Forest Friends embroidered on it and you can choose to have a name embroidered at an extra cost.


forest friends slumbersac

I first tried the Slumbersac when Bow was a few weeks old. I loved how soft and cosy it was! I put Bow in a light sleepsuit and then zipped him into his Slumbersac. He looked so toasty! I wished that I could fit in there with him!

When I picked him up I noticed that the sleep bag was quite loose around his neck. Although he was very young and not able to wriggle much I worried that the Slumbersac might go over his nose and mouth. I have used some sleeveless sleeping bags that had press studs under each arm to make the arm holes smaller. As this had sleeves it did not have these.

I worried that we wouldn’t be able to use it but I then found out that there is a minimum weight requirement. They are suitable for babies over 4 kg. As Bob was under this I waited a few weeks before trying the sleeping bag and then it fitted fine. I couldn’t pull it over Bow’s face with force so I knew there was no way he could wriggle down into it.

The sleeves were quite long so I turned over the cuffs. This is great as I think it will fit Bow for a long time. They are not as padded as the body so they didn’t restrict Bow’s arms. He seemed very comfy and happy!

Long sleeved Slumbersac

The Slumbersac also has a double zip which means the top can remain closed during nappy changes.

He looked so cosy and he had the best night’s sleep he had ever had! I thought that the bag was magic and I couldn’t wait to use it again the following night. Unfortunately Bow returned to his usually routine of waking up every 90 minutes. Even Slumbersacs aren’t that clever. At least he was warm and cosy whilst he was partying!

baby awake all night

Disclaimer: We were sent the Slumbersac free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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