I did not have much to drink this Christmas and New Year as I was breast feeding. My health visitor has said that an odd drink is all right but if I do have a drink I prefer to give Bow a bottle. As it is touch and go whether he will take a bottle I usually end up only having half a shandy.

I usually stick to Diet Coke or sparkling water but as it is the holiday season I wanted something more exciting.

Heartsease farm have sent me a selection of their presses to try. They have sent Apple & Rhubarb, Spice Cranberry and Fiery Ginger Beer.

Heartsease Farm Presse

I tried the Apple & Rhubarb first. I am not a fan of Rhubarb so I was unsure whether I would like this but I was pleasantly surprised. It had a delicate flavour and I felt like I was enjoying an alcoholic tipple. Maybe that was something to do with the glass I used. 🙂

Non Alcoholic Drink Ideas

I then tried the Spiced Cranberry with my friend when we had a little Christmas catch up. It was delicious! It tasted like Christmas, if you know what I mean? My friend enjoyed it too.

Tasting Christmas

I didn’t dare to try the Fiery Ginger Bear. I do not like Ginger Bear and the fact that it was fiery put me off even more. My husband tried it though and he enjoyed it.

These presses are available to buy from Ocado.

Disclaimer: We were sent the drinks free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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    The sparkling cranberry divine but I am with you about the spiced ginger beer that would upset my stomach too much.

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