When the time came to leave the hospital I started to panic! I had wanted to go home since I arrived but now it was actually going to happen it seemed too overwhelming! The hospital was a safe environment with people around to help and support us. The outside world seemed like such a scary place!

I don’t remember feeling like this after Bob was born. We were only in hospital for a short time though and when I left I was probably still on another planet after the birth. This time I had been in hospital several days.

Bow had to have lots of tests after he was born because of the gestational diabetes, the strep b, the extra fluid and the traumatic birth. I also had to have fragmin injections. At the hospital the midwives did the tests and gave me my injections. I worried about us not being under their watchful eye in case there were any problems. I also didn’t know how I would manage to give myself the injections. It seemed much worse than the insulin injections that I still hadn’t come to terms with.

I got dressed, wrapped Bow up warmly and anxiously waited to be discharged.

bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital

We were given a huge bag of medication and we were ready to go. I took my time putting Bow into his car seat, trying to delay the inevitable. I have been reviewing the Kiddy Evo Lunafix for a while (you can find links to my other posts at the bottom of this one). It was nice to finally see a baby in it.

Perfect car seat for a newborn

Michael carried the car seat out to the car and clicked it into it’s isofix base. I didn’t trust myself to carry it as I was worrying about having to leave the hospital. I didn’t feel brave enough to be in the real world.

I may have been a panicky mess but Bow was really settled all the way home from the hospital. When we arrived home his Daddy carried him into the house and he stayed fast asleep. It was lovely to not have to worry about getting him out of his car seat quickly! We simply tilted back the handle so that the car seat laid flat. It was so lovely to not have to disturb him!

lie flat car seat

He slept peacefully for over an hour. If this had been any other car seat I would have moved Bow to his Moses basket which would have probably woken him up. It was good for us to be able to get settled whilst he peacefully snoozed.

Although going home was scary I was looking forward to getting a sense of normality. I couldn’t wait for my beautiful girl to get home from school so we could be together as a family of 4.

my little family

Links to my other posts about this car seat can be found below.

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My next post will be about all of the fun we have been having with the car seat since we arrived home.

Disclaimer: We were sent the car seat free of charge on return for an honest, unbiased review.

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  31 Responses to “Bringing A Newborn Baby Home”


    It must be an amazing experience but full of worries to bring home a newborn. x


    I don’t enjoy being in hospitals but I can imagine not wanting to leave once you have a baby to look after and you want whats best for them!


    That is one amazing looking car seat, I only wish I knew about this when I had my daughter!
    It’s so scary taking them out of the ward, I was incredibly nervous with my first born and still nervous with my second, it’s like an unknown territory just appears.


    Awww! He is such a cutie. Tbh, I’d rather be at home than in any hospital 🙂


    Such a cutie! I absolutely love how you’ve written this almost like a diary entry, it’s much more personal and lovely to read 🙂


    It is scary bringing a newborn home, I love your pictures x


    I didn’t enjoy my time at the post delivery after my son was born. I couldn’t wait to get back home.
    The car seat sounds really useful, especially that baby can lie flat in it.


    Aw bless what is his name he is gorgeous. The car seat looks great too love the colour.


    Bringing that first baby home is so terrifying. I remember being so scared even about the wind! Come baby #3 I was out of that hospital 2 hours after birth – couldn’t wait to get home!


    Oh my Bow is just beautiful and I love the photo at the end x


    We have this seat! I’ve yet to get it a thorough run run yet as I’m terrified of leaving the house with a baby. Eeeee!


    I have 6 children and I will never forget how scared I was bringing them home yes even with the 6th baby


    What an exciting and wonderful time. Congrats!


    I didn’t enjoy my time at the hospital at all. Couldn’t wait to get home. Congrats.


    Such precious photographs, congratulations on your new arrival! That first journey home seemed like such a huge thing for me, I do remember it so vividly! x


    Your post has me so jealous! I am so ready to bring my little one home and for my daughter to meet her new sibling! Congrats on your new addition! Beautiful photos as well. x


    Lovely photo of your new baby and his big sister. I hope that now you have had time to settle everything is falling into place properly.


    Looks like a great car seat and he is gorgeous, hope you will all find your feet as a family of 4 soon and enjoy the beautiful journey ahead.xx


    Gorgeous photos and that car seat looks lovely, what a fab colour! I hope you’re all settling into life as a family of four. x


    what a cutie!! I had a home birth with both of mine so didn’t really experience this but I can imagine how ceremonious it must be that first ride home! The car seat looks great, we still don’t have one for our newborn as we don’t drive! x


    Such an exciting time. It’s getting me really excited for my Baby to arrive now!


    Looks like he’s settled in just fine!!
    I have no idea and I don’t think I would until I ever became a mother of the emotions and feelings you go thru at every stage.
    But that last picture is beautiful and makes me smile!
    Wish you lots of good health for the new little bow! Xx

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