Aug 092012

I have never written a review before. I have enjoyed hosting a competition to give something back to my readers but I have never really thought about writing reviews.

That was until I was contacted by the lovely Hannah from She said that they would like to send me one of their products and that I could either review it or use it as a prize in competition. I visited their website and the minute that I saw their products I knew that I would not be able to part with them! I’m so sorry!!!

I knew which product I would like to review as soon as I saw it! It was the Fairy Tower. The spinning lily pad dance floor and the fact that you put the dolls to bed in cute little drawers with bedding convinced me. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive!!!

The tower required adult assembly but it was very easy! (Especially for me as my husband did it.) Even after 3 Gin and Tonics he could build it without any hassle, which is more than can be said for Bob’s wardrobe. 😉

I waited until Bob was asleep so that I could play with it take some photographs of it. Hannah was kind enough to send me a baby Amber doll to use with the tower and I also got out my family of Hedgehogs to help me.

When Bob woke up we had lots of fun playing with it together! Her face was a picture when she first saw the tower.

The Fairy Tower is beautiful and I love all of it’s little details! We enjoyed playing with it so much that I am going to buy the fairy dolls to go with it. This will be a toy that Bob and I will treasure for many years to come.

I was sent the Fairy Tower free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photographs are my own.


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    That does look lovely! I must go and look at their website as I want to get A a dolls house for Christmas and that looks like the perfect thing x


    I was surprised at how lovely Bob played with it. She was in awe! Many things still get thrown around but think that she knew this was special. x


    Thank you! I love them but I’m a bit biased about my subject. ;0)


    I used my new camera for these too. It’s fab! The tower is so lovely!!! I want to move in! :0) x


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