Skeanie Shoes Review

A package arrived the other day and I didn’t know what it was as, for once, I hadn’t ordered anything. My husband opened it and exclaimed, ‘Ooo, shoes! They are gorgeous!’ Should I be worried? 😉

He was right! The shoes were gorgeous and so soft! They had an elasticated back, which added comfort and allowed for growing room. They fastened with Velcro and the sole came slightly over the toe, enough to protect the shoes when crawling but not enough to spoil the look of them.

The shoes were so beautiful that, to begin with, I didn’t want Bob to wear them. I worried about them getting ruined so; instead, we pretended to be princesses and had a little photo shoot.

I then realised that, although we were having fun, this would not make a great review so I decided to be brave. I sent the shoes outside!!!

If I am honest, I worried! How could something so pretty and soft stand up to Bob’s rough and tumble? I have had shoes before that have been expensive and, after the first wear, they have been scuffed. Within minutes these beautiful shoes had run through wet grass, scratched through pebbles, squeaked down the slide and kicked a football! Poor princess shoes! When we went inside I took off the shoes to inspect them, with a lump in my throat!

There was not a mark on them! I was really surprised! Since then, Bob has been wearing them in all weathers and they are still as good as new! Skeanie shoes are fantastic! Until recently, I had not heard of them. From now on I would be happy for Bob to wear nothing but Skeanie.

As well as sending me these amazing shoes to review, Skeanie are also offering my readers a 15% discount off a pair of their shoes. I wonder if they’d let me use it to purchase another pair? Just visit and use the discount code mummybl0g (that’s a zero) to get 15% off anything on their website.

* Disclaimer – Skeanie sent me the shoes, free of charge, for the purpose of this review but I would purchase another pair tomorrow! All opinions and photographs are my own.


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    They are soooooo cute as is she and that dress it stunning – please ask them to send me a pair – I’m a size 4 😉 xx

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