Last week, I was invited by the lovely Jennie to go and look around the new Kiddicare store in Nottingham.

If I am honest I was a bit confused about what the day would involve. What was there to see and do in a store? Apparently everything! Kiddicare is much more than a store. It is more like a baby’s day out!

We had a lovely day! The store has everything! Bob thought that she was on her holidays. I didn’t hear much of what Jennie said on our initial tour as I was too busy chasing Bob but I did manage to take some photos. Here are some of the highlights.

A buggy test-drive area where you can chose your pushchair and go for a ‘Walk In The Park’. Bob loved this area and, after doing about 5 laps, she said it was a fabulous idea.

There are toys throughout the store for children to play on. Some are fixed but some are the toys that are on sale, to give you a chance to try them out.

Loo Lane was fabulous! Each cubicle has 2 toilets in it, 1 big and 1 small. Bob is still in nappies but I can see how valuable this will be when she is older.

On the way to Loo Lane there was a height chart with a difference. Bob is almost as high as a red deer.

There was a present wrapping station which would come in handy if you were buying a last minute gift. I have tried to wrap a present in the back of a car before now so I was very impressed with this idea.

Kiddicare also provide a baby gift list service and they can provide you with a personal shopper if you are finding everything overwhelming.

After our tour, we were treated to tea and cake in the cafe. I think that this had to be my favourite part! (No surprises there!) The Victoria Sponge was one of the nicest that I have tasted and the tea set was just beautiful!

There is also an enclosed play area in the cafe. I thought that this was a great idea. You could see over the top and hear your children but you knew that they couldn’t escape. Genius!

We were then treated to a Baby Yoga, Massage and Reflexology taster session in Kiddicare’s Event Room. This room is used for many events and it can also be hired out, free of charge, for baby showers, etc. It was a lovely space and I really enjoyed the session.

After hearing of Bob’s sleep habits Sole Nutrition showed me some reflexology exercises that could help. I don’t want to jinx things by speaking too soon but I have done the exercises with Bob for the past 2 evenings and, both nights, she has had 4 hours sleep in a row!!! Watch this space!

There were many other features that set this store aside from many others. Near the car seats there was an area for children to sit and watch black and white cartoons, whilst you chose your seat. There was a buggy fix area, where they fix wonky wheels, etc. Even if they don’t stock your pushchair, they will try and help. They also had bib bunting, which, for me, was the icing on the cake!!!

I was invited to the store and given some free products to try. I wasn’t asked to write this review, I wrote it because I thought that the store was fabulous!

Kiddicare will be celebrating their opening on Saturday with a fun filled family day. If you go along please let me know what you think.

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  10 Responses to “Kiddicare – A Baby’s Day Out”


    What a great place. We sure don’t have anything like that around here, that’s for sure.


    Mystery solved! I was always really confused why people treated Kiddicare stores as a day out. This would be why! Am very jealous Nottingham isn’t nearer. Our local Mothercare isn’t just not going to cut the mustard after seeing these pictures! x


    I am sure there are more stores planned. If not, there should be. :0) x


    wow! That is amazing! Wish they had one near us! Glad you had a nice time and how cool are the little and large toilets! lol! x


    I wish I was a kid again! Looks a very good shop, I just thought they were an online shop!


    Wonderful blog post! Love the look of that shop 🙂

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