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On Friday we went to see Exxopolis, the Luminarium that we helped to make during Mammasaurus Blog‘s Blog It For Babies challenge.

I have tried to explain to people what a Luminarium is and I have failed. I thought that after I had seen the completed sculpture I would be able to describe it better but I was wrong. It is impossible to fully explain what it is as it is like nothing else!

In a confused nutshell it is a giant inflatable sculpture, but it is also so much more than that! When you enter, it somehow affects your mood. I suddenly felt calm and relaxed. Bob loved it too! At one point she lay down and I thought that she was going to go to sleep!!! I asked if we could have a mini luminarium to take home! 😉

There are different chambers that are different colours. I loved the blue and the green chambers but I didn’t like being in the red one. It made me nervous. Apparently the red one is great but you have to spend a long time in there to appreciate it I wasn’t prepared to test this theory. There was a central chamber which was red in parts but it wasn’t as overpowering. Then came the best bit! The final chamber was the largest and it contained 8 stained glass windows. Thanks to Penny Alexander I was involved in making 2 of the windows along with other East Midlands bloggers. It was really rewarding to see our work and I was very excited when I spotted the part that I had made!

I tried to take photographs of the Luminarium but I could not capture its greatness. Instead I used my video camera but I still think that it does not come close to showing you how amazing this sculpture is!

Exxopolis is on display as part of the Wheee children’s festival at Lakeside, Nottingham..It is on until the 10th of June and if you are local it is well worth a trip! I think that it might be visiting other places in the U.K. before it begins its world tour! For further information go to The Architects Of Air website.

You can see my post about making the window here.

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    Oh wow I can’t believe how amazing it looks! It does look like you had a great time, I am gutter that I coudln’t make it 🙁


    Wow, that looks brilliant!

    My brother lives in Nottingham, I’ll tell him he should go and have a look 🙂


    WOW! you are so right it is so hard to explain. I love your video, the music says it all! It was so lovely seeing Bob’s reactions too on the launch, she’s fab!


    […] To see the finished luminarium click here. […]


    […] To see the finished luminarium click here. […]

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