Bob was very creative whilst we were at Centre Parcs. During our stay she managed to pick a pot and paint it, make a masterpiece out of clay and paint using her hands and feet.

My husband and I love going to Pick A Pot And Paint. In fact, I have my concerns that we might be addicted! It is so relaxing! Maybe not as much now that Bob is here but, judging how much she enjoyed her first attempt, I don’t think it will be long before we are happily picking a pot and painting it as a family. Below are the masterpieces that we have created.

When Bob was born I bought a kit to make impressions of her hands and feet. Time passed and the kit lay unopened. I would have loved to do it but we never seemed to have the time. When I noticed that there was an activity called ‘Make A Memory’ I got very excited! We used clay to make an imprint of her hand and whilst we were there we made hand and footprints using paint. Bob wasn’t too sure about having the paint on her feet and when I tried to make a print she didn’t want to put her foot to the floor. I think she was happy when the time came to wash it off!

We came home with a car full of creations that we can treasure forever!

Happy Monday! x

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    You’ve made some beautiful things! I’ve not tried this before but I would like to one day, they are a lovely keepsake.

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