Dec 312014
Happy New Year

I haven’t shared many of the downs of 2014 on my blog as I love that my blog is my happy place but I can safely say that I am glad to see the back of it! This year we seem to have had so much thrown at us and when I thought I had hit rock bottom I was proven wrong. Just when things started to look up and we thought the worst was behind us, something else was [click here to read on]

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Dec 312014
Our Christmas Eve

My husband is very busy in the run up to Christmas! I suppose that can only be expected when you sell turkeys in December. When he finally finishes work on Christmas Eve he is ready for a rest! We always spend Christmas Eve at home as a family. We have a bath, put on our new pyjamas (we don’t want to look scruffy when Father Christmas is coming) and snuggle up and watch Santa Claus The Movie. My husband has [click here to read on]

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Pregnancy Photo Shoot - Peek A Boo

When we were taking my friends pregnancy photos she wanted to recreate a photo that she had found on Pinterest. This involved her peaking from behind something showing her bump. After a few attempts we manage to position her halfway behind the backdrop. I had my husband standing on a chair holding the backdrop at the perfect angle. Sorry Michael! The first couple we took didn’t work. The way her top fell didn’t show off her bump and there was [click here to read on]

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Ella Bella Photography Backdrops Review

I am always on the lookout for new photo shoot ideas! I have one vinyl background, which is white, and I have wanted to get some other backgrounds for a while but the vinyl ones are so expensive and I was not sure how sturdy the paper ones would be. When I was given the opportunity to review some paper backgrounds from Ella Bella I was interested to see what they would be like. I was really impressed! The paper [click here to read on]

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Photography Tips For Beginners

As you probably know, I love taking photos! My camera is never far from my side and I love capturing memories! I also love having photo shoots. I have a basic backdrop and some lights but I also love finding exciting locations. I am quite proud of some of the photos that I have captured outdoors. I am obsessed with props and my spare room has been taking over with baskets, baby hats and wooden blocks. 🙂 I would love [click here to read on]

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Pregnancy Photo Shoot - Letter Fun

Here are some more photos from my friend’s pregnancy photo shoot. I love using props in my photographs and my favourite things at the moment are letters. I have several types of wooden alphabet blocks and I also have the colourful magnetic letters. We used some of my wooden blocks in the photo shoot and had lots of fun! We played around with names, including my friends nickname whilst she was pregnant. Then things took a turn for the silly. [click here to read on]

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Jun 182014
Ready To Pop!

One of my best friends has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is absolutely gorgeous! Clare wanted something to remember her pregnancy by so, before her daughter was born, we had a little pregnancy photo shoot. I took some photos which I was really proud of! I will share them with you over a few posts. I took some lovely traditional photos, which I will show you soon, but I think my favourites have to be these.

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