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My husband is very busy in the run up to Christmas! I suppose that can only be expected when you sell turkeys in December.

When he finally finishes work on Christmas Eve he is ready for a rest! We always spend Christmas Eve at home as a family. We have a bath, put on our new pyjamas (we don’t want to look scruffy when Father Christmas is coming) and snuggle up and watch Santa Claus The Movie. My husband has watched this every Christmas Eve for as long as he can remember! They used to rent the video every year.

This year my husband only had to go into work for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve morning. We were so excited as he hasn’t been home so early on Christmas Eve for 10 years! We thought about going to watch a pantomime but we decided to do that in-between Christmas and New Year and just have a relaxing Christmas Eve.

When Michael got home we went into town to buy some last minute treats and whilst we were out we had our lunch at Pizza Express. When we got home we had a bath and put on our new pyjamas. It is never too early to get into your pyjamas on Christmas Eve!



We then watched Santa Claus The Movie whilst sharing a giant gingerbread man that we bought from the market.



Even Sally had some new pyjamas but she was a bit camera shy.


When it was Bob’s bedtime she put out a carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie and a drink of water for Father Christmas. When we went to visit Father Christmas I asked him what he would like us to leave for him. I was a bit worried about leaving whiskey when he has to fly the sleigh. 😉 He said he liked milk or water.

Bob then hung her stocking on her door and we all got into her bed and read some Christmas stories.


Michael and I came downstairs to wait for Bob to fall asleep so that we could start playing Santa and we were shocked to find he had already been! He hadn’t left any presents but he had eaten the mince pies! Oh dear Sally! 🙂


I love our Christmas Eves and it was lovely to have Michael at home for most of it this year!

I have written this post as part of the #MyChristmasMoment campaign with StressFreePrint. They sent me a Polaroid camera to help me capture my Christmas moment and I loved using it! I also love how old fashioned the photos are! The photograph of Bob standing in front of the Christmas tree could be me when I was little.

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    Your Christmas eve sounds perfect! x


    My niece refused to leave out whiskey for Father Christmas and insisted it should be milk. Her dad wasn’t quite so pleased as I think he was very excited to ‘share’ a whiskey with Father C!

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