Baileys Cheesecake & Family Fun

My nephew came to visit this weekend. It was lovely having him stay and we had lots of fun. On Saturday we went pony trekking (don’t worry, I just walked) and I have some lovely photos which I will share with you later. My nephew enjoys baking, I think he must get that from me as my sisters idea of baking is icing a digestive. I knew he would be the perfect person to help me with a recipe I [click here to read on]

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Jun 062015
Silent Sunday
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Apr 212015
A Greek Feast

My husband and I love greek cuisine. We have been to Zante several times and we also went to Crete when I was pregnant with Bob. When I was asked to choose somewhere from The Cost Of Eating Out guide by Villa Plus and prepare a meal based on that location I got excited when I saw that Crete was listed. I couldn’t want to create a feast! Here is what I made. Greek Salad Ingredients Feta cheese Cucumber Tomatoes [click here to read on]

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Mar 132015
My New Cake Idol

I have been meaning to show you the Lightening McQueen cake that I made for my friend’s son for his birthday. It was quite some time ago and I have just found the photos on my computer. I love making cakes! The cakes I make are usually ‘ordinary’ shapes with the fancy bits made out of icing on the top. This is because I don’t trust myself to make a shaped cake. Unless you are making a fruit cake you [click here to read on]

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How To Make An Icing Hedgehog

I have been meaning to write a post about how to make an icing hedgehog since Bob’s birthday. Time has disappeared and it is nearly time to start planning her next birthday! I made the hedgehog to go on Bob’s woodland fairy birthday cake but Bob enjoyed playing with him so much that he lost his spikes. I still wanted to share this with you as it is so simple to make and so cute! You will need: Regal Icing [click here to read on]

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Steamed Sponge Recipe

As some of you may know, I used to write another blog for the shop where my husband used to work. It was a mixture of old fashioned recipes, silly videos of my attempts at sausage making and behind the scenes stories. This blog isn’t around anymore and, although the videos are still on my You Tube channel, the rest of the posts have gone to the website in the sky. I thought it was a shame for some of [click here to read on]

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Oct 232014
A Baking Goodbye

This week is the last week that we will have to commute to Nottinghamshire. The last month has been hard. We have not know whether we were coming or going! I am looking forward to being in our new home for more than a couple of nights. We have a week off next week and we can’t wait to explore! There seems to be so many lovely places to visit and it will be nice to have the time. I [click here to read on]

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