My nephew came to visit this weekend. It was lovely having him stay and we had lots of fun. On Saturday we went pony trekking (don’t worry, I just walked) and I have some lovely photos which I will share with you later.

My nephew enjoys baking, I think he must get that from me as my sisters idea of baking is icing a digestive. I knew he would be the perfect person to help me with a recipe I had to try out.

Sunrise Senior Living have asked me to help spread the work about a wonderful campaign that are running to raise awareness of loneliness in old age. I used to work in care homes whilst I was at university so this was an issue close to my heart. Some of the residents would never get visitors and it would very upsetting!

My Nan is in a care home and I go and visit her whenever I am in the area. She suffers from dementia and even though she has no idea that I am there I sit with her, hold her hand and talk to her. I also chat to the other residents. Other members of my family also visit her. It is upsetting and not much fun but I would hate to think of her never having a visitor.

I often take Bob with me with. This lightens the mood as Bob usually ends up covering Nan in stickers or entertaining the residents. I also like to visit at meal times as I can then feed Nan which makes me feel like my visit has been useful.

To raise awareness of the campaign I was asked to make one of Sunrise’s recipes. I chose to make Baileys Cheesecake as I know my husband would not have been pleased if I chose anything else.

My nephew and Bob helped me.





My husband was very pleased with the result! He said it was delicious!


I was also sent Cranium to play with family or friends. We had lots of fun with this game but I have only just realised that I didn’t take any photographs. I was too busy laughing at my husband’s drawings. 🙂

Spending time with family and friends is very important! Loneliness must be awful! If you have family or friends that you think may be lonely, give them a ring. Maybe invite them over for dinner or go out for a coffee. A small amount of your time could make someone’s day!

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