I have been meaning to write a post about how to make an icing hedgehog since Bob’s birthday. Time has disappeared and it is nearly time to start planning her next birthday!

I made the hedgehog to go on Bob’s woodland fairy birthday cake but Bob enjoyed playing with him so much that he lost his spikes.

I still wanted to share this with you as it is so simple to make and so cute!

You will need:
Regal Icing
Colouring – brown and beige
Chocolate Vermicelli
Black writing icing
Edible glue (I make my own, click here to see how.)
1) Colour a small amount of icing beige and approximately 4 times as much brown.
The amount you colour will depend on how big you want your hedgehog to be.
2) Leave a small amount of brown icing to one side for the nose and roll the rest of the icing into two balls.


3) Work the beige ball into a rounded pyramid shape to make the head.
4) Indent the brown ball with your thumb, add some edible glue and attach the head.


5) Using the black writing icing add 2 dots for eyes.


6) With the leftover brown icing roll a small ball and stick it onto the front of the hedgehogs head. Then start pushing vermicelli into the hedgehogs body.


7) Ta da!


Bob loved making an icing hedgehog too!


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  4 Responses to “How To Make An Icing Hedgehog”


    Aww,adorable, almost too cute to eat… almost =)
    Looks like Bob had lots of fun =)


    It is so cute!! You do realise if I ever have a kid I am just going to repeat your birthday parties one at a time so I look like I’m a super cool mum too?!


    That really is so cute! Love hedgehogs, my daughter used to be obsessed with toughing one on the nose!

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