You may already know that I have bought Bob a big girls bed. You can read about my reasons for this here.

As I am not one to do things by halves, a big girls bed required a big girls bedroom!!! After looking at a few ideas online I came across a fairytale stick around set. I immediately knew that this was how Bob’s bedroom should be!

I decided to attempt to paint a scene on the walls to act as a background for the stickers. I drew the hills and the path on the walls and then set to work. Here are some photos of my painting by numbers. Sorry about the quality. I was quickly snapping on my phone, whilst covered in paint.

Then came the exciting part! The stickers!!! Lucky my Dad was here to help me, as it was very tricky! The stickers kept sticking to themselves and it was hard to get them onto the wall without them bubbling. I would have never managed it on my own. Thanks Dad!

I am really pleased with the end result! It just needed a few finishing touches! ;o)

Add the most beautiful bookcase in the world, a cushion (bought by Bob’s Godmother) and a wonderful toadstool nightlight and the room really was fit for a princess! My princess!

Happy Sunday! x

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  18 Responses to “Bob’s Fairytale/A Bedroom Fit For A Princess!”


    This is so beautiful. Well done! She’s going to love it and her friends (and their mummies) will be very jealous!


    Wow! What a fab little girly princess room. What a lucky girl Bob is. Well done you! X


    This is beautiful!! Does she like it? x


    Ahhhhhhhh, I love the bookcase and lamp Charlotte. Has she slept in it yet? xxx


    There are so many lovely things to choose from! Have fun deciding! x


    That is so beautiful!! I am really impressed, I bet she will love it!


    Wow she’s one lucky little lady!


    SOOO cute! This is my childhood dream room! I wish I could paint like that.


    Just do it and say that they sent the wrong colours!!! ;0) x


    Wow you don’t do things by half – that is quite outstanding! x


    oh wow that is sooooooo gorgeous. I love it! I can’t wait to do my daughter’s big girl’s room. I didn’t dare do the nursery girlie just in case but I am all in for fairies and princesses! I love the toadstool light too I am sure I had one when I was younger it’s just brought a memory flooding back seeing it xxx


    The bedroom is just beautiful, I love the bookcase!


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    […] you may know, we have bought A Big Bed For Bob and made her a Bedroom Fit For A Princess. I thought I would give you an update on how things are […]

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