As you may know, we have bought A Big Bed For Bob and made her a Bedroom Fit For A Princess. I thought I would give you an update on how things are going.

Bob has done really well with the transition. Better than we have! We lie awake, worrying if she is all right.

The last few nights she has been teething and has been very unsettled so, last night, we decided that she could sleep in our bed. I took her to clean her teeth and, when she had finished, she ran straight into her room, pointed at the bed and said, ‘That.’ I wasn’t expecting that!

When I told my husband that she was fast asleep in her own bed he couldn’t believe it. If I am honest, I think we were both a bit upset as she is growing up far too quickly! I won’t tell Bob though as she is doing fabulously!

She still wakes every 3-4 hours, the same as when she was in bed with us, but she is much more settled than she was in her cot. Hopefully her Daddy and I will settle soon too.

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    Yay! She is so precious!!!! My daughter is 5 and just stopped getting out of bed many times in the middle of the night, so I am happy when I hear about nights of triumph! Go Bob! Of course, growing pains are more about parents and we often have a harder time adjusting. Take care!


    Ruby “is that Molly babe??!!” haha

    She looks so lovely asleep, we dont get to see it that often!! 😉 xx


    Awww Bob looks super cute! You must be one proud mummy of your little girl in her big girl bed! 🙂 xxx


    We found the same with A and she didn’t want to sleep anywhere else once she had her pink bedroom. You will get a whole nights sleep soon I’m sure x


    Awww, I’m so glad she’s doing well with her big girl bed. I think we’ll be turning the little man’s cot into a toddler bed soon and I’m really hoping that it won’t upset his good sleeping. Although I am invisaging a trashed bedroom most mornings as he’ll be able to get up and cause mayhem. We’ll see I guess. X

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