I found this week’s challenge of ‘Tears’ very difficult, as I felt mean grabbing the camera when Bob was upset. I did, however, manage to take this photo and, although she is crying, I think it is beautiful. At least that’s something.

 Posted by Charlotte on September 6, 2012 Being a Mother, Photography  Add comments

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    I struggled too. It sort of goes against your instincts to grab a camera when what they need is a cuddle (hence my hubby taking this weeks photo). But there is something quite beautiful and vulnerable about a crying shot and I am glad that I have one.
    Thanks for linking up. X


    Aw that is lovely x


    Aw poor girlie, but yes she still looks gorgeous. I dont get tears much just lately just big screaming tantrums :s


    Heartbreaking. Wonderful shot though.


    Emotion is so beautiful! What a great capture and I love that you converted it to black & white!


    Oh, how sad, but it is also good to grab these moments too. 🙂

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