Being a mummy can be exhausting! You are needed 24/7 and it can be hard to get a minute to yourself.

With Mother’s Day approaching Pebble Grey sent me a hamper of goodies so that I could partake in some relaxing me time. They sent some wonderful products that I couldn’t wait to try!


I know that the point of this was for me to enjoy some relaxing me time but Bob was so excited when the box arrived that I let her join in with the pampering.

We had a lovely girly afternoon, trying out the pamper products!


The most interesting thing they sent was a jelly bath experience. This was quite bizarre but very funny! 🙂 You added the jelly mix to the water and then after you had enjoyed your jelly experience you added some powder and the jelly turned back to water.


It was interesting and I managed to grab a few minutes of me time after the jelly fun which was lovely!


I am also looking forward to using my lovely new make up mirror.


Thanks Pebble Grey! It may not have been the most relaxing experience but it was lots of fun!

Disclaimer: I was sent the pamper package free of charge for the purpose of this post.

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    Oooh the jelly think sounds fab!!

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