Bob has been in big girls pants for over 2 weeks!

I didn’t want to write about this too soon as I was worried that I would jinx it but she is doing so well I think we are safe.

The day after we took the big girls pants plunge, for what will hopefully be the last time, we had a few teething problems. Not one of Bob’s poos or wees were on her potty or the toilet and I began to wonder if she she would ever get it.

Since then though she has been brilliant! All of her wees are now done on the potty or the toilet! She still needs encouragement to part with her poos anywhere other than her pants but we are getting there.

We don’t even put pull ups over her big girl’s pants when we leave the house!


I am so pleased as I was worried that Bob would still be in pull ups when she was 18! Many of you told me that she would get there in the end and you were right.

Now all I need is for the poo fairy to pay us a visit to help Bob to stop pooing in her pants. 🙂

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  8 Responses to “The Potty Diaries – By Jove I Think She’s Got It!”


    I can hear your sigh of relief while reading this. I know she will get there with the poos!


    Aww well done Bob! Those pics are so cute playing with her little friends 🙂 fingers crossed for the Poo Fairy now! Xx


    Aww! That’s great news!! Well done to her and you!! x


    Yay! Congratulations to Bob. And you must be thrilled too xx


    Congrats to Bob and well done to you. Nearly over that hurdle and on to the next!!

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