It will soon be Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate Mother’s all over the world.

Mother’s definitely deserve celebrating! Being a mum can be so hard! The sleepless nights, the constant worry. I appreciate my mum so much more now that I am a mummy too!

Luckily being a mummy is the most wonderful thing in the world! Yes, Bob can be hard work but even after an awful day she only has to say one lovely sentence and everything is right in the world!


Bob has been my saviour! If ever I am ill or upset she always comes and gives me a wonderful cuddle! The other day I slipped and fell and Bob rushed over, stroked my hair and said, ‘Are you alight darling?’ I don’t know where I’d be without her!


I love spending quality mother daughter time with Bob! Our favourite thing to do is to take our new puppy on a walk. Whatever the weather we like to walk Sally. It is good to get out of the house even if it’s raining as it helps to blow the cobwebs away.


To celebrate Mother’s Day (and Bob’s Day) Boden have sent us some lovely raincoats to help us with our ‘out and about mission’. Mine is a lovely cut and has a snugly soft lining. Bob’s is an amazing apple pattern which I immediately fell in love with. Thanks Boden! We are now ready for the April showers!


…and just because Daddies are fabulous too!


Disclaimer: I was sent our coats free of charge for the purpose of this post but all opinions and photographs are my own.

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    Lovely jackets 🙂 x


    They look lovely, and how adorable is Sally?!

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