Mar 292014

I have always loved music and I would like to think that I am quite musical. I sing (behind closed doors) and I play the guitar. I taught myself to play the guitar when I was at college and over the last few months I have been taking guitar lessons which has really helped me to improve.

Bob also loves music! She is always singing, she enjoys playing my old guitar (she is not allowed to touch my new one) and she loves playing with her toy musical instruments. One of her favourite programmes at the moment is Melody on CBeebies which is all about how different pieces of music make you feel.

When I was contacted by the lovely Liisa, asking if I would like to review Moosicology (the first and only music training method for children aged 0-7) I was very intrigued!

Not only is Moosicology about teaching your child music, it also helps to develop other skills such as reading, mathematics and it has social and emotional benefits.

Bob and I have been trailing Moosicology for several weeks now and we appreciate both enjoying it. Bob regularly brings the book to me and asks to learn her songs.


We have worked on the first few lessons in detail and Bob has already learnt about different timescales and note values. She loves singing along to the cd and doing the suggested activities in the parents guide. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

There are still many lessons that we have yet to cover. There are 16 in total. It is too early to tell the impact that Moosicology will have in other areas of education but Bob is definitely getting a lot out of the project. She is also really enjoying it! It’s lovely to have such a fun activity at our finger tips!

Disclaimer: I was sent Moosicology free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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