My friend is getting married next year and I am honoured to be a bridesmaid! I have only been a bridesmaid once before. It was a wonderful day but, as I was 39 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t fully let my hair down.

pregnant bridesmaid dresses

I am looking forward to dancing the night away and drinking prosecco this time around. It has been exciting being involved in the planning. My friend looked stunning when we went wedding dress shopping and I am looking forward to helping her to make her day amazing!

There are some wonderful gifts around at the moment that would help give a wedding that special touch. We are planning her hen party and I wanted to buy Clare something really special. I thought something that she could use for her wedding would be a nice idea. Uncommon Goods have some lovely Bridal Shower gifts. I love this Wedding Celebration Dropbox! It’s a beautiful alternative to a guest book!

wedding dropbox

I also thought this Sparkling Wine Making from the Bridesmaids Gifts section of their website would be fun to make on the hen weekend too! I have seen wine making lots before but I didn’t realise you could make your own bubbles! We love our prosecco so this would be perfect!

make your own prosecco

I have also been wondering what to buy them as a wedding present. They have lived together for many years and they already have 2 children so they have most of the things that you would normally buy for a wedding. They love wine so I thought this Personalised Anniversary Wine Box would be perfect!

personalised wine box

Uncommon Goods have some great products and they seem like a lovely company. Sustainability is part of every decision that they make and many of their products are are handmade or contain recycled elements.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  11 Responses to “Wedding Preparations”


    These are some lovely gifts, I love the drop box idea, I’ve seen them before x


    The drop box is such a lovely idea, I’ve not seen anything like that before but it would be perfect as a guest book that you could display after the wedding! 🙂


    I love that drop box! Such a nice alternative to a guest book.


    You look amazing in that Bridesmaids picture, such a great shot!
    As for the gifts, I actually love them all! That heart dropbox is just beautiful and what a wonderful keepsake to have after your special day. The anniversary wine box is super cute too, and I love how it holds the 3 bottles.


    You guys look amazing in the wedding picture! I love the bridesmaid dresses and the brides dress 🙂 the wine box is a really good idea


    I love that photo you made a stunning bridesmaid. I love these gift ideas. I;ve just been to a wedding which had a frame and love hearts and some one had written stupid things on them like chicken nuggests on one and swear words on others which was such a shame. I’m hoping she can open the frame and take them out.


    Some great ideas for gifts! My mummy loves prosecco too but sadly can’t drink at the moment. The idea of making your own bubbles on a hen night sounds cool!


    The drop box is brilliant! I love the idea of that. We did have a traditional guest book but we didn’t have a traditional wedding so it was nice to have something x


    I love all these present ideas my fav is the wedding celebration drop box.


    The wedding wine is such a good idea! I love that its a gift that keeps on giving xxx


    I always struggle to come up with good ideas for wedding gifts. I love this post. I like the drop box. it is super cute.

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