Do you want your home to be both stylish and harmonious? Feng Shui is just what you’re looking for. If you’ve heard of Feng Shui, but aren’t sure exactly what it means then let me explain. Feng Shui is a Chinese system that’s based around creating harmony with our surroundings. It translates as ‘wind-water’, but the most important thing to know is that can provide huge benefits for interior designers and people embarking upon home improvements.

You’ll know how much our surroundings affect us. You’ll have felt in your own life, how some settings can make you feel listless and uninterested, while others make you enthused and full of energy. Without realising it, you’ve experienced the power of Feng Shui. There are wisdoms to be learnt from all cultures, so just because you adopt Feng Shui practices for your home doesn’t mean that you have to change your lifestyle. Here are some useful and easy Feng Shui tips that can make your home more ordered and auspicious.

Create an Energy Flow to Your Front Door

The Feng Shui concept of energy is different to, although not at odds with, the scientific definition. It teaches us that energy is all around us, but it can either be positive energy or negative energy. When a home is full of good energy the people living there will have much more energy, and will live better and happier lives.

It’s important, therefore, to ensure that there’s a good channel of energy flowing into your home through the front door. Positive energy, Chi, can be blocked by obstructions such as an overhanging tree or even shoes or a recycling bin. Remove all obstructions. Another interesting feature of Feng Shui is that it looks at the impact of colours. Some colours are more auspicious than others, but it depends on which way your door is facing. North facing doors should be in blue or black, whereas south facing doors should be in red, pink, fuschia, green or brown to create the harmony that’s so important. Have you noticed the effect that colours can have on people? You’ll be surprised at the differences you notice when you Feng Shui your front door.

Have Good Feng Shui in Your Energy Centres

Feng Shui teaches us that there are three main energy centres in our home, you can think of them as a Chi triangle. They are the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. When these three areas have the right energy flow, they can make a huge difference to the way we feel about our lives. Home furnishings and furniture can have a major impact on the harmony and energy of a room. One of the most important things is to avoid clutter. Clutter not only looks unsightly, it creates barriers to positive energy.

If you’re carrying out home improvements, it’s likely that you’re focusing on these three important rooms, so it presents an ideal opportunity to make them more Feng Shui friendly. The kitchen, for example, is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Don’t have it too close to front or back doors, or the positive energy can escape. As with all Feng Shui optimised rooms, ensure that chi barriers are removed. This could involve replacing your old furniture with new furniture, preferably made from natural materials such as wood. It can cost less than you think, click here to look at some online furniture and furnishings.

Concentrate on Energy Freshness

A fresh smelling home is a treat for the senses. You can walk into any room, breathe deeply, and smile. You may not have realised, however, that you’re not just smelling fresh air, you’re smelling fresh energy as well. It’s this that invigorates you.

Stale energy can drag the mood of everyone in the home downwards. Make sure that you clean and air all your spaces at least once a week. This is much easier, of course, if you already have a minimalist approach to home décor. Light is also vitally important. Well lit rooms are overflowing with positive chi, and create a fresh and vibrant energy flow.

Create a Healthier House

We all want to live as healthy a life as possible, and Feng Shui can help. The Feng Shui system places great importance on alignment and positioning. One of the ways to create health giving energy is to have wooden elements in the Eastern part of your home. This could be natural wooden furniture such as tables and chairs, or elegant bonsai plants.

Similarly, if you want to attract more prosperity to you and your family, then you should place both wood and water elements in the southeastern section of your home. These are simple beginner’s steps in Feng Shui, but you’ll be amazed at the effects they can have. By removing clutter, introducing flowers and plants, increasing lighting, and installing refined wooden furniture, you’ll wake up feeling full of energy every day.


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