After our disastrous first abroad holiday with Bob we have found many lovely places to holiday in the U.K and with the lovely weather that we have been having I feel like I am abroad in my back garden at the moment.

The other morning we ate breakfast outside at 8am and if someone had told me that it was midday and we were in Spain I would have believed them.

Ukbreakaways are holding a blogger competition to win £250 cash with runners up prizes of holiday vouchers. All you have to do is write a blog post telling people all about your favourite UK destination. Do you have fond memories of a place that you used to love to visit as a child or do you have a place that you love to visit now? Write about your favourite destination and you could win. The details of the competition can be found here.

My favourite place to visit in the UK is Blackpool. I am a little biased, as my parents now live here, but it holds a special place in my heart.


It has a bit of a reputation for it’s tackiness and, although the ‘Kiss Me Quick’ hats can still be found if you look, Blackpool has cleaned up it’s act. The whole of the promenade has been done up and it looks lovely!

I have visited Blackpool ever since I can remember! When I was a child we used to go for day trips as it was only 45 minutes from where we lived. We also used to go to a caravan park there. I have fond memories of days at the beach and fish and chips!


I then enjoyed visiting as a teenager/young adult. There is so much fun to be had in Blackpool! I loved going on the pleasure beach and drinking in Scruffy Murphys. This is a fab Irish bar that has Toucans in a cage. Two cans of Guinness. 🙂

Michael and I had one of our first dates in Blackpool. 🙂


We had our photo taken in a sticker booth and it took us a while to realise that the booth didn’t just take one photo. 🙂


I now love visiting Blackpool with my own little family! Bob loves the beach and we recently visited Nickelodeon Land (part of the pleasure beach) and she had the best day!


We also like to visit the illuminations every year. These run from September until November but we tend to go in November as it’s my mum’s birthday and it gets dark earlier.


Blackpool really does have something for everyone and I know I will be visiting until I am old and grey as the bingo there is fantastic! 🙂

This is my entry into the ukbreakaways competition.

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    Sounds like you have some lovely memories!!


    I love Blackpool. I didn’t visit until I moved to Manchester, but I love it and we go quite often. It’s got something for everyone, and it really isn’t so tacky any more 🙂
    Best of luck with the comp!

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