If you have seen the photographs from Compo’s photo shoot you will know that my friend now has 3 beautiful children.

When her 2nd child was born I took some photos of the two of them together. We had a lovely time!


Her eldest was a natural with the camera and her 2nd child was too young to know any different.


She wanted me to take some more so that she had some of the 3 of them. Her eldest is still the perfect subject. She really works the camera!


Of course Bob had to get in on the act too! These girls have been great friends since birth. I love this photo!


This time her youngest was too young to know any different and her 2nd child was a challenge.

She was far too busy to have her photo taken. Even when her mummy and her grandma tried to encourage her to stay still and look at the camera she was having none of it.

In her defence, having your photo taken is quite boring. Especially when you are surrounded by lights and interesting props!

We decided to use one of the props as bait.


This got her in the right position but I think she thought she was doing something she shouldn’t. 🙂


In the end I managed to get a couple of photos of her and I love this one!


I even managed to capture one of the 3 of them but it’s not perfect.


I’ve told my friend we will try again when they are 18. 😉

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    You see not perfect I see such a wonderful moment caught!!

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