Sunday 28th July (Day 3)

When Bob awoke in the morning she said, ‘Poo’s coming.’ I said we’d take her nappy off so that she could go on the potty but she got very upset and said, ‘No way!’ I decided to let her poo in her nappy as I didn’t want to scare her into constipation.

Day 3 was not as successful as day 1 & day 2. Bob didn’t wee all morning and when it was time for her nap I knew that I couldn’t let her sleep in big girls pants as she might wake up if she weed. Regular readers of my blog will know that Bob doesn’t need any help with waking up!

I knew that she needed to use the potty before she went to sleep. If she weed in her pull up after pooing in it that morning I thought we may  be going backwards. The other problem was the later Bob naps the later she goes to bed. She only has 30 minutes but if she has this any later than lunchtime we struggle to get her to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I wanted Bob to use the potty before her nap but I didn’t want her to nap too late.

After about an hour and lots of encouragement Bob weed on her potty. I put a pull up on her whilst she napped, just in case, but this wasn’t needed. She then refused to nap for hours so I prepared myself for a late night. When she woke up from her long awaited nap I changed her into her pants and encouraged her to use the potty again. She got very cross at me and I wondered if it was because she didn’t need to go. It was several hours after she had last used it but I didn’t want to make using the potty a problem. I made some lunch and casually asked if she needed to use the potty a few times but she said no.

During lunch she shouted, ‘Oh no, I’ve pooed!’ I looked and she had done the biggest wee I had ever seen. I told her not to worry and cleaned it up without making a fuss.

We went outside into the garden for the afternoon and I took Bob’s potty with us. Again I kept casually asking if she needed a wee every now and again but she said no. After a couple of hours I came to the conclusion that Bob definitely didn’t take after me in the bladder department! I managed to get her to sit on her potty whilst we blew some bubbles for a while but there was no weeing.



Eventually at about 6pm she did a wee on her potty! We were all so pleased! I was beginning to think that maybe Bob just didn’t need to wee as often as I thought she would when things took a turn for the worse.

Bob started to panic. About everything from what that bit of dust was on the floors to how her sweetcorn wasn’t right. It didn’t help that we had just discovered a frog hopping down our hallway. I think this shocked Bob and she then worried about everything. I always thought that she liked frogs. I would understand if it was a spider!

She then started to panic about weeing. She would say that she needed one but when I took her to the potty she would cry and say no. A few accidents and a lot of tears later I asked her of she would like to wear a pull up. She said yes and as soon as I put it on her she settled.

The next time that she needed a wee she started to panic. We asked her if she would like to wee on her potty but she was worrying so much she didn’t hear us. As she weed she cried but then when she realised that the pull up had contained the wee she was so relieved!

I don’t know what the problem was. The only difference today is the new potty. Maybe Bob didn’t feel as safe or as comfortable on it.

Tomorrow is another day.

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    The kid’s book Pirate Pete’s Potty really helped us. You are welcome to borrow. Although there is a pink girly one called Princess Polly’s Potty. Tesco sell them for really cheap. My son still reads it now and it’s a great reminder that big boys wear pants and not nappies and do wees and poos in the potty or the toilet. She’s doing really well and will get there soon enough. x


      Sounds fab! Will get it. Won’t take it from R if he still enjoys it. She’s getting there just still doesn’t like weeing when we’re out and about. She held herself from 12-6 today. Can’t be good. x


    Poor Bob. I think it’s quite a stressful time for them. They’re just not used to having to think about going to the toilet. Hope she’s feeling a bit better about it now xx


    Bless her! R tends to hold number twos in until he gets home, which is fine because he’s now in a proper routine with them and will go most nights right before bed. he will usually go in other people’s houses if he has a book but he doesn’t have the patience to sit on the loo when out and about (I think he likes to take his time and read, typical bloke!) the other day in the Trafford Centre he kept saying he needed a poo so off we’d go to the loo but as soon as he sat on the loo he’d declare ‘no poo, just wee’ and off we’d go back to the shops. as soon as we got home several hours later we had success straight away. must be a lot harder to hold wee in but it’s good her bladder holds so much for so long x x


    […] did a wee and seemed very happy about it! I hoped that this would be a turning point. It was awful yesterday, seeing her so […]

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