Saturday 27th July (Day 2)The next day Bob used the potty in the morning but when it came to leaving the house I chickened out of going cold turkey with nappies. I put Bob a pull up on which I know can be confusing but I knew I would spend the day panicking if I didn’t.

We went to buy a cheap potty that we could take out and about with us and I kept asking Bob if she needed a wee but she said no.


When we bought the potty I sat her on it in the car. Her pull up was dry but she didn’t wee on the potty. I waited for a while and then Bob said, ‘No thank you,’ so I put her pull up back on.

We went for lunch and I kept asking Bob if she would like to use the potty but she said no. I knew she must need a wee if she hadn’t already done one so I asked her if she would like to use the big girls toilet. She said yes so I took her into the ladies toilets. She had weed in her pull up so I put her a fresh one on whilst she sat on the big girls toilet.

We had lunch then went home. Bob didn’t wee again until we got home and then she weed on her potty for the rest of the day.

On day 2 Bob did not poo. I am such a poet! 🙂 I get confused as she says she has pooed when she wees on the potty and I am trying to teach her the difference. When I asked her if she would like to poo on the potty she said, ‘No way, night time pants please.’ I have had friends that have struggled with their children and potty training number 2’s. I wondered of Bob might be the same and the first one was just a fluke.

When I put her pull up on at bedtime I expected her to poo straight away but she didn’t.

I thought about posting Day 2 and Day 3 together but Day 3 is quite a complicated one so I’ll leave it here for now. To read our potty diaries click the button below.

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    Have you seen these? Instead of a nappy when you are out – a pad to catch small leaks. Means they are aware if have an accident but not huge mess.

    Were great for Gemma at the start and for me more than her to be honest when in the car or out for a long walk. May be too late if you started a few weeks ago as may be past that stage!


      These look great! My only worry would be that Bob has an accident when she doesn’t want to use her toilet or potty and can’t hold it any longer so her accidents tend to be pretty big. Great idea though, thank you! x

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