Friday 26th July (Day 1)

I took Bob’s nappy of this morning and I didn’t replace it. It was very warm and most of the flooring in our house is laminate so Bob could run around naked and accidents wouldn’t be a problem.

I kept asking Bob if she wanted to use her it, she said that she didn’t. SheΒ  didn’t wee or poo for quite a while. I was surprised as I have the weakest bladder in the world!

After an hour or two I started to worry. I sat Bob on her potty and distracted her with a book. After a while I smelt something. I looked into the potty and I saw a poo! I have never been so pleased to see a poo before in my life! There was lots of cheering, hugging and high fives from all of us.

I then realised that I now had to clean the potty. My excitement didn’t last long. πŸ˜‰ I was very brave and I did it without complaining. Mums definitely deserve medals!

We went to the supermarket to buy some big girls pants. They only had Peppa Pig pants in age 4-5 but as I had been talking about them for days we bought some anyway. They were too big for Bob but she was happy! We also bought some Hello Kitty pants and some rainbow pants in a smaller size.

When we returned from the supermarket Bob’s pull up was dry and for the rest of the day she weed on her potty apart from when she weed all over her daddy. I suppose Dad’s deserve a medal too. πŸ˜‰

Bob loved her big girls so much that she got upset because she couldn’t wear them in bed. She ended up going to bed wearing a pull up with a pair of her plus sized Peppa Pig pants over the top. πŸ™‚


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  8 Responses to “The Potty Diaries – Day 1”


    Well done Bob – what a great start! xx


    Awwww x well done Bob! Loving the Peppa Pig pants too lol x


    Wow she did so well for her first day! πŸ™‚


    What a great start! We are wondering when to try potty training so will be watching to see if it stays this easy for you!


    Fantastic start. Go, Bob!


    Brilliant – well done all of you! Looks like you did the same as us: waited until they were nearly 3. It was much as they were that much more mature. Cleaning potties was my job – I can relate! Ours now only use the loo so hopefully it won’t be for long πŸ™‚


    Bless her!

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