Monday 29th July (Day 4)Doll-&-Duck

Today we demoted the duck potty to the dolls and only used the larger potty. Bob seemed much more settled on this one and would sit comfortably on it for quite a while.

When Bob woke up I sat her on her potty and we read some stories together. I hoped that she would wee on her potty and realise that it wasn’t that bad after all. 3 books later and Bob was bored. We went to clean our teeth and went downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast Bob started to panic slightly and dance around. I sat her on her potty and she didn’t protest. She did a wee and seemed very happy about it! I hoped that this would be a turning point. It was awful yesterday, seeing her so upset!

We had a very successful day with no accidents but still no poos. We made a potty chart together and Bob got a small sticker for a wee on the potty and a big sticker for a poo. She was very excited about the chart and even asked to get out of the bath to use her potty. As she sat on it she said, ‘Little sticker, yay!’


If Bob didn’t have any pants on she would gladly take herself to the potty when she needed a wee. If she was wearing pants she panicked. Naked Bob it is then. 🙂

Tuesday 30th July (Day 5)

Today we decided to stay close to home as Bob had done so well yesterday I didn’t want to upset things. Also, I thought that naked Bob in public wasn’t the best idea. 🙂

This morning Bob did a big wee on her potty and got very excited about her sticker. She kept asking to look at the big stickers so we went through them and chose one in anticipation of when she pooed.

Shortly after Bob did a big poo on the potty. We were both so pleased! She took great pride in sticking the big sticker on her chart!


I thought that I would only use pull ups when Bob was asleep from now on. I think that they confuse her. The other day when we had a traumatic potty training day Bob kept asking for her nap time pants. I was planning to attempt an outing the next day and I was going to put Bob in big girl’s pants, cross everything and hope that Bob did too.

Then that afternoon we went into the garden. Bob had just had a wee so I put some big girls pants on her and took her potty into the garden with us. I asked her occasionally if she needed to use it but she said no.

All of a sudden, from the other side of the garden Bob shouted ‘I’m pooding!’ We ran towards each other but we did not make it in time. This made me worry about braving the outside world. I know that there are going to be accidents but I worried that we would never make it to the potty unless we were indoors and Bob was naked.

I was meeting my friend for lunch the next day and we were going to go somewhere with a play area for Bob. I was sure that if she was busy having fun there would be accidents. Knowing my luck the accident would happen just as Bob was at the top of the slide and they would have to close the play area to clean it up.

I decided to try a great idea that Katie had. I love reading Katie’s blog, Mummy Daddy Me. It gives me a glimpse of what to expect as her daughter is about 5 months older than Bob. She had a great idea about putting a pair of knickers on with a pull up over the top. That way her daughter would know if she had an accident but she wouldn’t worry. I decided to try this tomorrow as I didn’t think we were quite ready for pants in public.

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    I love the pants over knickers idea. It sounds like she’s doing so well. Well done Bob!! I think she will crack it in no time!


    Bob’s doing so well. I was just about to brave potty training but now CK has to go in to hospital for an operation in a few weeks and I think it will be best all round if he’s still in nappies because he’s going to have to have a drip in be in bed for a little bit. So hard to know what’s best.


    You are very welcome! Thanks for your advice! x x

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