Monday 19th August (Day 25)

Today we had a terrible day. I am hoping that Bob was just under the weather and this is not the start of the terrible twos!

Bob was having tantrum after tantrum. I have never seen her like it before. Some of them could have been associated with potty training but many of them were unexplained.

She managed a wee on her potty before we left the house but she was not happy about using the toilet at the library a few hours later. Until today she has been happy to sit on the toilet on her toddler seat even when out and about, she just hasn’t been weeing once she’s there. Today sitting on her seat was a major problem. She screamed, she pulled my hair, it was awful! I think the people in the library thought that I was killing her. So much for our new fabulous sticker chart!

We then went to a park with a water play area. Bob was in her swimming costume and I asked her several times if she needed the toilet but she said that she didn’t. I think that she must have had an accident whilst we were there but there was no way of proving this.

When we returned home she even refused her faithful potty. My parents were visiting and my mum asked her if she would like to wee moments before Bob went into the corner and cocked her leg. Literally! There was wee everywhere!

I never make a big deal of accidents but this didn’t seem like your average accident. It really seemed like Bob was rebelling against potty training. I asked her why she had done that but she just smiled at me. It was quite upsetting to think that all of out potty training was going out of the window.

We went out for tea and within 10 minutes of playing on the play area I noticed Bob’s leg was wet. I looked and she had pooed and weed. It was too much for the pull up to handle! I stupidly hadn’t taken a change of clothes with us as I thought using pull ups stopped the need for this. I had to run to Sainsburys to buy some trousers.

I was on the verge of putting potty training on hold until my mum, Molly and I went to the toilet. My mum sat Molly on the big girls toilet. My parents were leaving the following day and I told my mum that if Molly weed she wasn’t allowed to go. After a few seconds Molly weed! On the big girls toilet! When we were out and about! We made a big fuss and got very excited about adding a fairy to our new sparkly sticker chart when we got home.

Sticker-ChartThis made me feel better about our horrible day!

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    Wow what a little Madame she was! But well done Bob for her big girl wee wee and Grandma who was obviously a good influence! I assume your mum is never going home now?? 😉 xx

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