Friday 16th August (Day 22)

Today was going really well until 5pm. Bob was tired out as she no longer has a nap (she refuses to nap in the afternoon but would happily nap 2 hours before bedtime) and we had friends coming over at 6pm for a barbecue. She was falling asleep where she stood so I decided to let her have a little nap. I knew that I would pay for it later but I also knew that Bob would not enjoy the barbecue if she was so tired.

When she woke up she was much happier. I sat her on her potty but she didn’t do anything so I got her dressed ready for our guest arriving. Before our friends arrived Bob had 3 accidents. We were in the garden which provided a distraction but her potty was with us. After the first accident I thought that I was safe. I really should stop doing this.

Two accidents were just wees but one was more poo in pants.

Saturday 17th August (Day 23)

Today we had no accidents and Bob even managed to poo on her potty! We were all very pleased!

She managed to hold herself for 6 hours when we were out this afternoon. I am sure this can’t be good. I took her to the toilet 3 times but she didn’t do anything and when we got back home she did a big wee on her potty.

I am worried that she may be getting a complex about weeing anywhere other than at home.

Sunday 18th August (Day 24)

Today Bob and I made an extra special reward chart especially for poos on the potty and using the toilet when out and about.

We stuck a piece of A3 paper to card and painted it blue. I them wrote ‘I am a big girl!’ in glue and Bob had lots of fun adding glitter to it.


We cut out a castle from the front of a birthday card and stuck it in the middle of the chart.


We then looked through a fairy sticker book to see all of the wonderful stickers we could add to the chart.

My parents arrived¬†and this afternoon they took Bob to the park. I put her a pull up over her pants but she had been weeing on the potty all day so I didn’t think it would be needed. When they got back Bob ran straight out into the garden to play some more. I asked her if she needed to use her potty but she said no.

At one point Bob ran to the far corner of the garden and when she returned I smelt something. Maybe it will take a couple of days for the idea of the magic sticker chart to work.

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  3 Responses to “The Potty Diaries – Days 22,23 & 24”


    Sounds like Bob is doing really well, we are potty training at the moment but Oliver doesn’t understand to take his pants off first. He is perfect when he isn’t wearing anything and always uses his potty but our trouble is when he has his clothes on x


      Bob did that to begin with. She was fine when she had nothing on but pants got in the way. Now she is just rebelling against it. Hoping she’ll be dry by the time she is 18! x


    We are struggling a bit. Our holiday set us back and now she doesn’t want to use her potty at all. Sure we’ll get there. x

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