Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th August (Day 26 – 30)

We have just been to Haven for a mini break. We have had a lovely time!

I know that this isn’t a great photo but I love how Bob ran to Greedy The Gorilla to give him a hug!

I was quite worried about Bob and potty training whilst we were away as she is still very reluctant to use the potty or the toilet anywhere other than at home. I knew that this holiday would be make or break as she couldn’t possibly hold herself until we returned home.

I used pull ups as I have been using these when we have been out and I hoped using them for a few days wouldn’t set us back.

Bob was brilliant! She did all of her wees on the toilet either in the caravan, the toilet block or when we were out and about. We had a few poo accidents but hopefully we will make or break that another time.

Sunday 25th August (Day 31)

Today was our first full day back at home. I thought Bob would be glad to wear big girls pants again as she had been in pull ups constantly for the last few days. We had so many accidents.

Pull ups confuse most children but Bob seems to be better in them. Unless our holiday was just a fluke! Maybe she just has jet lag and tomorrow will be better. Scarborough is quite far away! 🙂

Monday 26th – Sunday 1st August (Days 32 – 38)

I have stopped keeping a daily diary as I was worried that my readers would have heard enough about poo and wee to last them a lifetime.

When I began potty training I didn’t think it would take this long. For those of you who have been through this, how long did it take? I honestly thought it would take a couple of weeks. I don’t know if I was being naive or we are just struggling.

Bob is still very reluctant to poo anywhere other than her pants and we have also had some classic wee accidents this week. One involved wee running down a radiator and the other made me remove the child proofing foam from around the fireplace to fully wipe the wee away.

I think I may have started too early. I know that the closer to 3 they are the easier it is but I honestly thought she was ready. I also thought that summer months would make potty training easier as she wouldn’t be wearing tights.

We are still persevering. Bob wears pants when we are at home and pull ups when we are out and about. She still likes to hold herself when we are out. I think our successful mini break must have been a fluke.

I will continue to keep you informed and hopefully, when I write my diary for next week all the potty training pieces will have fallen into place.

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    Well done for persevering And especially on holiday!! It’s usually the time all manner of routine goes straight out the window. I’m planning on starting z when we’re back from holiday. He still lies to me when he’s done a poo so I’m in two minds. I’m kind of hoping it magically happens I think!

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