I am very worried about Bob. She has developed a habit that I hope will be gone by the time she is a teenager! Kissing!

She has been giving us kisses for quite a while and that was lovely! Now she wants to kiss strangers. Not just anybody. These strangers all have something in common. They are all under the age of 5.

The other day we were shoe shopping and Bob met a little boy who was 18 months old. As soon as they met they kissed! They didn’t even say hello to each other first! I tried to explain to Bob that usually there is some sort of conversation first. This little heart breaker didn’t even buy her a drink! 😉 Luckily the boy left shortly afterwards with his Grandparents. When his Granddad asked if they were going to see each other again, I said I was sure that I had seen them exchange numbers.

This has happened several times. The main problem is that, sometimes, the children do not want kissing. I apologise to their accompanying adult, tell Bob that not everybody likes to be kissed and, luckily, the adult always sees the funny side.

This little video shows Bob’s sloppy kisses. I turned the display on the video camera round so that she could see a little person. 😉

What have your cheeky monkeys been up too? I’d love to hear your tales of toddlerhood. Either tell me all about them in the comments section or link up a post below.

Happy Tuesday!

 Posted by Charlotte on June 25, 2012 Terrible Twosday  Add comments

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    He didn’t even buy her a friut shoot? What a heartbreaker. Such an older man should know better. Keep with the videocamera Bob, they’re far nicer!


    So cute!!


    Ahhh, what a little flirt! Hehehe. My little man is a terrible flirt and will makes eyes at any grown women he comes across. He clearly has a thing about older women. He charms waitresses, ladies working in the shops, and if he is actually free from the restraints of a highchair or buggy then he is headed straight for them for cuddles.
    Probably not a good idea to get him and Bob together, we’d have trouble on our hands. X


    Aw that little video is gorgeous! Well I don’t think kissing is such a bad thing as long as she stops around the age of thirteen! A is not keen on kisses, if you ask her for a kiss, she headbutts you! Charming!


    Bless that is so cute x

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