This weeks Terrible Twosday has a twist! I’m the terrible one!

Originally this post was going to be called ‘A Cruel Trick Or A Clever Parenting Tool?’ I think that I know the answer to this question but please tell me i can keep doing it! 😉 As I was reading this post I decided to make it my Terrible Twosday as it is quite naughty and I am sure that the terrible twos last forever!

Bob loves the Cbeebies show Wooly and Tig. The other week we were in the kitchen and the programme had started on the television in the living room.. Bob heard the theme time and crawled into the living room to watch it. The other day I had my hands full and I wanted Bob to come with me into the living room.. I asked her, I stood behind her nodding my head in the right direction, I started to go in the hope she would follow me. She didn’t.

I then thought of a cunning plan. I started to sing the Wooly and Tig theme tune! She crawled straight into the living room, looked at the television, said ‘Uh,’ and then started to play as normal.

I felt cruel at first but I soon saw the funny side! Does that me make terrible? I am also glad to have a bit of ammunition up my sleeve. I just have to be careful that I don’t over use it!

Here is a little video to show you just how much Bob loves Wooly and Tig.

If you children (or you) have been getting into trouble, feel free to link up below.

Happy Tuesday!

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    Being a good parent means being clever and smart and slightly devious at times! When my LO is having a strop outside I just say “ok I’m going have a nice time with the dog!” as she has an irrational fear of dogs! It’s terrible really and OH said I shouldn’t say it, but it works every time!


    Haha, that doesn’t make you terrible at all lovely! Very rarely can a mummy outwit a child, so make the most of it whilst she’s still young and naive. Monkey always gets excited when he hears Cbeebies is on the tv. xxx


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