I think that Bob is going to follow in my footsteps when it comes to acting. She has already perfected the heartbroken act!

Onlookers would think that she is absolutely distraught! She throws her head back, cries out and even manages tears! I know that it is all for the camera because the second she gets what she wants she stops and smiles. She doesn’t need any time to recover from the seemingly heart wrenching sobs.

When we were at the festival, a puddle intrigued Bob. As she was in her waterproof trousers, I didn’t see any harm in letting her explore. She happily splashed in the puddle with me. All was going well until she decided that she wanted to sit in it. I didn’t think that this was a good idea as the water would have reached her unwaterproofs. 😉 I kept standing her up but she didn’t want to do that anymore so, in the end, I picked her up and walked away.

Anybody would have thought that I had just told her that Waybuloo had been cancelled! There were tears, sobs and wails! I explained to our friends that this was her Oscar winning performance. This was also proved as the minute that I stood Bob on the floor she looked at me, laughed and made a run for the puddle. I picked her up and the performance started again. At home I would just ignore the outburst. Usually after a few minutes she realises that nobody believes her cries and gives up. When we are in public I don’t like to disturb the peace. Especially when the people around us are trying to listen to the band! Instead we moved to a spot where there weren’t any puddles. Out of sight out of mind!

Do you have any strategies for public outbursts? I used to say that I would copy her, like the woman on the advert, but now the time has come I don’t think that I would dare.

If your little ones have been doing keeping you on your toes, feel free to link up below.

Happy Tuesday!

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    Boo sounds so much like the littlest R. She will throw those amazing tantrums and then be all smiles as soon as you give in, even when the tracks of her tears are visible on her face! Well done on not giving in to her tantrums! Like you said it’s harder whilst you’re out and the distraction method is the best way to do it. Good luck hun, it’s not easy as we as parents are designed to go to the aid of our young when they cry and it just feels plain wrong to ignore them, even when we know it is the best thing we can do to help them and to teach them that they can’t always have or do what they want


    All very familiar! Often there’s nothing you can do: if finding out what they want & giving it to them isn’t an option, then there’s distraction / getting them interested in something else / failing that getting the hell out of Dodge!


    You know what – painful as it is, I think I might have let her do it. She might have figured out that it doesn’t make sense. That said, I have no real answers other than to say, we’ve all been there. GG once picked up a jar of tomato sauce from my shopping trolley and threw it on the floor in the toothbrush aisle. I couldn’t scarper quick enough! Good luck


      I will try and be brave next time, I just hate it when people are staring. I’ve always been the same. Even when she was tiny, if she cried, I would flee from the crowds. x

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