I never thought that I would hear myself say this! I am struggling to find Terrible Twosday material!

In a way, this is a good thing as it means that Bob is being a little angel! On the other hand I thoroughly enjoy hosting the linky as it is great therapy!

I wondered about keeping the Terrible Twosday feature but, instead of having a linky, I could publish guest posts. That way, I can still have my weekly toddler fix and write some posts but I don’t have to persuade Bob to be a monkey on a weekly basis! I would also love to share my little corner of cyberspace with some of the fabulous blogging friends that I have made. What do you think? If you would be interested in writing a Terrible Twosday guest post, let me know.

Your child doesn’t have to be two but mischief must be involved! The cheekier the better!!! 😉 I love having a giggle at their antics and it’s great therapy! If Bob does something terrible (e.g. Makes my television black and white, steals parts of the toilet or bites my knee when I’m having a wee!) 😉 I don’t get stressed, I reach for the camera and get excited about my post!

For now, I will stick with the linky as, although Bob is being a little star, I am sure that there are some trouble makers out there somewhere! 😉 If your little angels have been up to mischief, feel free to link up below.

Happy Tuesday!

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  5 Responses to “Terrible Twosday (Not Just For Two Year Olds)”


    ooooo I am going to have to have a think – My two year old is definately terrible – I am sure I can write a blog or two on him which will make you giggle. I love your way of thinking – I will try the not to get stressed approach and reach for the camera! x


      It’s fabulous therapy! Planning on running the guest posts from next week, mixed in with some of my own so that Terrible Twosday can continue. Let me know if you would like to write one. It would be great to have you. x


    Damn, I’ve just had a terrible twosday a day late!
    But glad Bob is behaving 🙂 can she run a masterclass for other toddlers?


      It doesn’t have to happen on a Tuesday. Planning on running one a week from next week. Let me know if you would like to take part. Hope you are o.k. Will start the master classes when I’m sure the behaviour has stopped! ;0)


    That would be fabulous!!!! Sounds interesting! ;0) I will e mail you. x

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