When I am getting dressed in the morning, Bob loves to sit in the bottom of my wardrobe. Sometimes she reads, sometimes she plays, and sometimes she just sits. For some reason she loves it in there!

The other morning she was sat there when I heard a familiar sound. Bob was doing a poo. I grabbed a clean nappy and some wipes and asked her to come over to me. When she stood up, I realised the extent of the situation! This was not just any poo! It was one of her finest!

It had leaked from her nappy and through her pyjama bottoms. I grabbed some more wipes and some nappy bags and started to attack the situation. It was only when Bob was clean and dressed that I went back to the wardrobe to close the door. Oh dear!!! One of my dresses had fallen off the coat hanger and was in the bottom of the wardrobe with some very suspicious stains on it.

The joys of motherhood!!! 😉

If you would like to write a Terrible Twosday guest post please let me know. I enjoy knowing that I am not alone! 🙂

Happy Twosday!!!

I am going to link up this post to Actually Mummy’s Wot So Funee as I think it’s quite funny. 😉

 Posted by Charlotte on August 19, 2012 Terrible Twosday  Add comments

  8 Responses to “Terrible Twosday (Not Just For Two Year Olds)”


    Oh I lOve a good poo story! Projectile are the best 😉


    Oh no! What a stinker! It seems like these things only happen when one is in a hurry or doesn’t have time for “crap” like this :0)


    Oh lordy – at least you didn’t find out whist wearing it out somewhere! What cute piccies xxx


    Lol sorry that did make me laugh! We have all been there, although I don’t think any of mine has poohed in the wardrobe … Yet!


    Oh goodness and that shit stains – hehe xx

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