Today’s Terrible Twosday guest post is by Emily over at Family Four Fun. I don’t know how she copes! I have my hands full with one! Emily told me that the first one was the hardest as it’s a complete change of lifestyle. She says that after the first it is just about the numbers and a bit of deep breathing. I think I will take her word for it! 😉

Please visit Emily’s blog and say ‘Hi’ because she’s lovely! For now, here is her guest post.

Guest Post

“No EE dat’s A mine.”
And I know they’re awake as Master E comes bursting in my room to tell me what it is that C has adopted of his. I head into their room to remove C from his brother’s grasp as he gets more frustrated about him declaring more and more of his precious toys “A mine”.
We head back to my room where Lil’F has just started to stir so whilst I attempt to dress C I hand her a soft crinkly book from under the cot (where the baby toys live).
“No Mummy, dat A mine”
Ok he has a point here because the baby toys were mostly his and have been passed down as he is meant to have grown out of them. So this morning like every morning recently I try to dress him whilst he tries to round up every toy from the baby box and carry them downstairs.
Looking at him try to clamber down the stairs I offer to carry some of the toys for his safety. This is a stupid move! Now I have my arms full of baby toys and he is heading back up the stairs to get the rest of them.
We head into the kitchen to make breakfast, he gets a cup…
“A mine”
“Yes C”
A plate
“A mine”
“Yes C”

It continues like this for some time even whilst we load the washing machine he has to point out each piece of clothing that may be – you guessed it!!
Finally breakfast, chores done, baby fed and older children dressed and despatched to play I sit down with a cup of tea.
C comes out from the kitchen…
“A bone – A mine”
A bone is actually a phone – my iPhone…
“NO C – that’s A mine!!”
Oooops I’ve just lowered myself to his level and did I really say “A mine”? Yes, I’m pretty sure I did. He’s having a tantrum now and my tea’s gone cold. E goes out to the garden to get a toy to take outside. He picks a ball and heads out the front door and it’s C’s ball and the tantrum reaches new heights.
“No EE dat’s A Mine!”

Oh dear! I hope that Emily has had chance to have a warm cup of tea. If not, I’ll put the kettle on!

If you would like to write a Terrible Twosday guest post, please let me know.

Happy Twosday!!!

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  4 Responses to “Terrible Twosday (Not Just For Two Year Olds)”


    Oh dear! I would definitely be saying, ‘No, that’s mine!’ to that!!! :0) Luckily we have not reached the mine stage yet . Something to look forward to! :0) x


    Oh my, poor mama!
    I think my Josh has entered terrible two’s early 🙁 .. everything I do is wrong apparently as he stomps his feet and screams .. HELP!

    Hope you and Bob are keeping well I have missed all you bloggy mummies, so glad to be back after a bit of a break to sort things out. x x x


    Thank you so much for featuring my post.
    We are still enjoying lots of ‘discussions’ about what’s mine but this too will pass 😉 and breathe!
    Emily x

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