Todays Terrible Twosday’s guest post is from Cakes, Babies and Other Ramblings. She has her hands full with a monster and a monkey! I don’t know how she manages, I struggle with one Bob! 😉 If you haven’t visited her blog before be sure to pop over and say hello.

Guest Post

My monster has a lot of tantrums, it started when she was just 4 months old, yes, you did read that correctly, 4 Months old. She would kick her legs, scream the place down and thrash around if I dared put her in her pushchair more than once a day.

Thankfully at 5 and a half months my monkey is yet to have her first tantrum, I’m really not sure I could cope with 2 tantruming children!

Now my monster is 21 months I am very lucky if she has just 3 tantrums a day. She will tantrum if I try and help her get dressed, she will tantrum if I change her nappy, she will tantrum if I make her lunch and she will tantrum if I chose her cup for her (are you noticing a theme here? My monster is VERY independent.)

The most memorable tantrum happened just the other day. We were in a shop and this shop has a basement. In the basement there are a small selection of toys, the stairs to the basement are very old, very narrow and very concrete– not the place for a small child to be playing.

We went down to look at the toys, chose what we wanted then went to come up the stairs to pay. I went to pick up the monster, but she put her hand out and said ‘nononono mummy, don’t touch’ the shop was very quiet and I really didn’t want to cause a scene, she is capable of walking up the stairs at home so I thought I’d let her walk up with me at a close distance.

Half way up she realised I was following, she stopped, let go of the handrail turned round and shouted ‘nononono mummy, nonono’. She slowly turned back round to continue walking, but then suddenly whipped round to see if I was still following. Obviously I had no intention of being anywhere other than behind her. She shouted, screamed and tried to throw herself down the stairs. I picked her up, which caused more upset so she started kicking and hitting me. When we got to the top I put her down, she threw herself on the floor refused to move and commenced with a full on fist thumping, leg kicking, screaming tantrum. So much for not causing a scene then!

I love that she is so independent and wants to do things for herself, but I am dreading her actually turning 2. I am told it only gets worse!

If you have a Terrible Twosday post that you would like to share, please let me know. I would like to keep Terrible Twosday going forever! That’s a lot of guest posts! 😉

Happy Tuesday!

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    Oh, the twos I seen… my lot seem to prefer the 2’s and live in them until 4.5! Sending monster’s mummy a big hug. Never mind what anyone else thinks. 🙂 My son is currently two and working on stealing his older sisters’ crown to be tantrum king. Today, I told him ‘I love you.’ He threw him self on the floor and screamed… ‘Stop loving me!’ Kicking feet and all the drama. Everything is ‘Stop ____’ with him these days. It is such a bitter sweet time. They are so precious and adorable, and yet so difficult!

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