Although I am still hosting Terrible Twosday guest posts, I thought that I would post my own Terrible Twosday this week, as this is too good not to share!

When Bob started to crawl we had to move everything from ground level onto the low level furniture. When she started to walk we had to move everything from the low level furniture onto the high level furniture. The top of the fireplace is crammed full off trinkets and the only things on the hearth are toys.

Until recently the television unit and the dresser were places of safety but not any more. Bob has learnt how to climb!!! Nothing is safe!!!
*I thought that the sound track was very appropriate as nothing is impossible when you are one!!!

The walker was there to stop her from pressing the buttons on the DVD player. After this incident, I moved it but it didn’t make a difference. She doesn’t need it. She is on and off the furniture as quick as you can say, ‘Get Down!’ I blame all of the soft play sessions! 😉

Guest posts will continue next week as I am hoping that I will not have anything terrible, cheeky or terribly cheeky to report! 😉 If you would like to write a guest post, please let me know. It’s great therapy! Suddenly the incident doesn’t seem as bad if you know that it will make a good blog post!

Happy Tuesday!

Linking up with A Strong Coffee as it’s now Monday and they are mischievous too. 🙂

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  9 Responses to “Terrible Twosday (Not Just For Two Year Olds)”


    That did make me smile, life is never dull when you have little ones!


    I have no Music :0( xx


    I now have music :0) xx
    Excellent Molly xx


    Brilliant Charlotte – new methods and ideas in child-rearing since the Victorian era has certainly kept us all busy!!!! Not to mention amused! Wait till she starts baking with you! Jacob (now nearly two) had loads of fun with raisins yesterday! Not so his Mum extricating them from up his nose!!!


      I can’t wait till she can bake with me!!! I haven’t been able to bake much since she was born but I’m sure we’ll make up for it!!! I might avoid the raisins to begin with though. ;0) x


    Hehe, cool dance moves too 🙂

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