Jul 292012

You may think that I am crazy but I have bought Bob a bed. I know that she is only 14 months old but I think this could be the answer to our problems.

As I have already mentioned, Bob is now sleeping! Don’t get too excited! She still wakes up every few hours but it is much better than it was. If she goes to sleep in her cot, she wakes every 30 minutes. If she goes to sleep on our bed, she sleeps for 3 hours!

It is not because we are with her. When she is asleep I line the sides of the bed with cushions and pull up our bedding box, which acts like a guardrail. (We also have a monitor that is a camera and if she gets near to the cushions I go and move her.) I then go downstairs and, although she stirs after 30 minutes, she quickly settles and continues to sleep for 2-3 hours.

I don’t know why this is but I think that a big girls bed might be the solution. I have decorated a fabulous princess room for her (photos to follow) and we have put a single bed in it. I thought about getting her a toddler bed but I thought this way there would be less chance of her falling out and we could also comfortably lie with her to read a story. I plan on buying some side rails and putting her old cot mattress on the floor, just in case. As soon as her new mattress arrives I will test my theory and report back. Fingers crossed!

Have any of you experienced anything like this or is Bob just 1 of a kind?

Happy Sunday!

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    Hi, my little boy isn’t a good sleeper either but we found that when we put him into his bed at 16mth (he was climbing over the cot) he seems to sleep better. We put it down to the fact that he wasn’t hitting the sides of the cot and disturbing himself! He still woke up occasionally but no where near as often as he had done in his cot! Good luck! Fingers crossed for you x


    I have no wise words at all, but can imagine after a sleep deprived 14 months that any change for Bob can surely only be a good thing, even if it only buys you another hour each night! Good luck and look forward to seeing princess pictures 🙂 x


    Hey hunny H has always been a good sleeper but used to cry for half an hour when she first went into her cot on a night. Since she went into a bed at 14 months she’s been so much better. I don’t think she liked being caged in!


      I think that might be why Bob is unsettled in her cot. Thanks hon. Good to know that it’s been a success this young with you. Hope it is for us too. x


    I don’t think you’re crazy at all! None of mine would sleep in a cot and all of them were in toddler beds well before the specified age! As long as they are safe and can’t fall out, I think it’s fine, I am certain some babies don’t like that feeling of being enclosed x


    Fingers crossed! Will keep you informed! x


    May be, this is the “fun” of being a mother which I had gone through very very long time, as a father.


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    […] You may already know that I have bought Bob a big girls bed. You can read about my reasons for this here. […]

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