Aug 012012

I am really sorry but there will be no Fun Photo Fun today. I have not been having much fun. I crashed my car yesterday.

Luckily we are both o.k. Don’t know how as the things that were in the boot ended on the road. Thankfully I had a good car.

Bob is fine! Don’t think she knows what has happened and the paramedic said that, because of her 5 point harness, she wouldn’t be sore. I can’t move from the waist up this morning but was told to expect that. We are planning a day of staying still and watching Disney films.

Sorry the linky will not go ahead. I have chosen the winner from last time but will keep that a secret until next week. If you have been having fun with photography, please come back and link up next week.

Normal service will resume shortly. x

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  23 Responses to “No Fun”


    Sorry to hear about your accident 🙁

    Hope you’re both back in fine fettle before too long!


    You can win Terrible Twosday prize :0) xx


    Oh no! sorry to hear. Trying not to think of your fright! Hope you feel better soon!


    So sorry to hear about your accident Charlotte. I’m glad you and Bob are OK. XX


    You can win Norman if you like :0) xx


    OMG sorry to hear about your accident hun! What happened? So glad you’re both ok and wishing you a speedy recovery xxx


    Oh no! That’s awful news – hope you’re better soon and the car gets sorted without too much of a nightmare.


    Ahhh, I’m sorry to hear you crashed your car hun, but I’m pleased to hear that you are both okay. I hope the aches and pains clear up quickly and you feel good as new soon. X


    What a nightmare, so glad you are both ok x


    Thanks hon! x x x


    Sorry to hear of your accident, glad you are both ok though that is the main thing! Hope you don’t have too much hassle sorting your car out. x


    Pleased you’re both ok and hope you feel less achy very soon xxx

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