Feb 252015

Whilst we were visiting friends in London we went to the Rainforest Cafe at Piccadilly Circus. I have been to the Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland Paris before but I have never been to the one in London. I knew it would be similar though and I knew Bob would love it!

As soon as we walked down the stairs into the cafe Bob’s little face lit up! She was amazed! There were several little light shows on the floor of the cafe and when you stepped on them they altered. Bob loved those and she also kept showing me that it was raining! I don’t think she could understand why it was raining indoors!


Once inside the cafe you are no longer indoors. You are in the jungle! Bob had an amazing time! She loved walking around the cafe to find all of the animals! She wasn’t too sure of the gorilla and she did not want to have her photo taken with him but she loved the tree frog and the elephants that flapped their ears.



I loved the frog too but I think my favourite part was the tree. It reminded me of the girl tree from Everything’s Rosy. Maybe this is what she does when she isn’t filming. 🙂


Bob loved almost every minute of it. The only part that she didn’t like was the thunder. Every now and again there is a pretend thunder storm and it is quite loud and goes on for quite some time. Bob was not happy! She borrowed my friend’s hat and pulled it over her face to hide from the storm. When the thunder had stopped Bob kept the hat on. It really suited her! 🙂


We had a lovely evening! The Rainforest Cafe is quite expensive. I would say the main courses are about £5 more than usual London prices but it is worth paying the extra for the experience.

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    Awww, it looks like an amazing time! Love the pic of Bob eating her food =)

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