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Being a mum to a new baby can be very isolating. I try and go to groups and make plans to meet friends but if I’m honest it is much easier to stay at home.

Archie doesn’t sleep very well and is up a lot in the night. By the time the morning arrives I am exhausted and even the school run is a challenge. He also screams constantly when he is in the car and by the time we arrived anywhere we are both in a bit of a state. At home he is so happy! He loves his jumperoo and spends lots of his time laughing at my silly faces and talking to his toys.

sunny days jumperoo

Being at home seems easier but it can also be hard as it is very isolating. When Archie sleeps I try and rush around doing housework but sometimes I want a break. I have been trying to find something to pass the time and I have become obsessed with jigsaws. I used to love doing them as a child but I hadn’t done one for ages. My mum bought me one a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed completing it!

cupcake jigsaw

I also recently finished an Impossipuzzle. It was tricky but I loved doing it. I just wish it had been edible as it looked delicious!


I have several huge jigsaws that I plan to complete and I have bought a roll up jigsaw mat but as Archie doesn’t nap for very long I am struggling to find the time. By the time I have organised the pieces he is awake again. I have found a great app for the iPad which allows you to make jigsaw puzzles with up to 400 pieces. I love it!

I have also been spending a lot of time on the internet. I enjoy reading other blogs and I have also started playing bingo online. I love the excitement when you only have a few numbers to get.

I know I need to get out more and I do make plans to do a couple of things a week but, at the moment, any more than that would be too stressful. I know things will get easier and they grow up far too quickly so I am being careful not to wish away the sleepless nights.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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    Archie is such a cute baby, I’ve never been into puzzles but my sister loves them, I’m sending her this link 🙂


    I think it’s really hard when they are so little and you really can lose yourself when you have a young baby don’t forget your human too and you need time away from being mum x


    Ooh I think a puzzle with those goodies on it could definitely keep me occupied for a while!!


    The puzzle looks so hard, all the pieces look so similar.


    I know the feeling about it being easier to stay in, Lily doesn’t sleep and so sometimes to get her to sleep better i need to stick to a strict routine, hard to stick to one and go out at the same time. I Love a good puzzle but don’t know how you find the time to! 🙂


    That puzzle looks positively delicious and agree it is always easier staying in with small children.


    I remember how hard it was when my little girl was a baby to just get out of the house, I would just stay in most of the time because of it. The puzzle looks really great though! X


    I have only ever done one jigsaw puzzle before and it took me forever. I was so proud when I finally finished it though.


    I love doing jigsaw puzzles!! I find them so relaxing. I have a big foldable carrier thing to keep mine in


    Being a mum can be very isolating. Great post.


    I love jigsaws and have found some jigsaws online on the ipad.


    theres a lot of puzzles that look impossible to do! ive been meaning to buy one myself


    I have played bingo online a few times myself and love the thrill, although I never win! xxx


    What a cute picture. I used to be into puzzles when I was younger, but now I don’t have the time anymore. I really need to find some though, I really miss it.


    I have a small one at home too and I have recently started to work part time. He is a lot more settled at home and as the weather is improving we are both enjoying being in the garden. I’ve not done puzzles in ages – perhaps I should give it a go.


    I find doing a jigsaw really relaxing, though once I start I can never stop x

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