I used to say that I never won anything. I always enter raffles and I love playing bingo but I never used to win.

This all changed when I went to watch Bob’s nativity. She played a camel and she was a little superstar!

camel mask

We had all been asked to bring in something to contribute to a hamper for the raffle prize. I was supposed to take in some meringues. Bob was very unwell the week before the performance and I totally forgot to take our contribution! I only realised when I saw the hamper and I felt terrible!

At the end of the performance they sold some raffle tickets. I bought some and I then went to apologise to Bob’s class teacher. I told her to let me know who won the hamper and I would give them some meringues. I didn’t realise that the raffle was being drawn then and there.

Whilst I was talking to the teacher my winning raffle ticket was drawn. As I was not in the hall they thought that I had left and they were about to draw another winner. Luckily my mother in law realised that I must have the ticket as I was before her in the queue. Another parent came to get me. I was so surprised as I never win anything!

My husband on the other hand is very lucky. His mum always says that he was born with the luck of the Irish from his Grandad.

Several years ago, before Bob came along, we were very unlucky when we booked a holiday. We wanted to go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World. We had saved up for ages and hoped we would be able to afford it. It was very expensive and the travel agent showed us a couple of other hotels but I was desperate to go and see the giraffes.

As it was the giraffes I wanted she suggested that we book a safari instead. We thought this was a great idea and we booked a holiday to Kenya. We were so excited and we couldn’t wait to go!

A few weeks later trouble broke out and there were political riots in Kenya. We had to wait until the day of travel to see if it was safe to go. Tourists were being escorted by police to their hotels and told not to leave them. It sounded like a scary place to visit so we went to the travel agents to see if we could change our holiday. We booked something else but we ended up losing £1000. We were so disappointed.

A few day later Michael was playing online bingo. He deposited some money and they gave him a welcome bonus. You can get a 500% welcome bonus when you play bingo at landmarkbingo.

He happily played for a while but he didn’t expect to win anything. As his money was running out and he was playing with the free money he began to get very excited! He only needed one number in a game that had a big prize of £1000.

I started to chuckle as he was so excited and I knew there was no way he would win. Suddenly Michael cheered! He won! I couldn’t believe it! It was as if we were getting the money back that we had lost. Someone was looking out for us that day!

My recent win may not have been as big as Michael’s but it was brilliant and I am wondering if it has broken my losing streak. Maybe some of Michael’s luck is starting to rub off! 🙂

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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    It’s nice that you got that money back through a win. Things have a way of working themselves out.


    That’s so fantastic that you won your money back, some sort of divine intervention there, I think and well done for winning the raffle. I’ve won a few comps recently and have never won any before, it’s a fantastic feeling isn’t it!


    Congrats!! That’s amazing!! And you got your money back. Well done. xx


    I am very much a believer of things happening for a reason so someone was certainly looking out for you with the bingo win after losing out on holiday money x


    That’s fab that you got your money back! I find that I am quite lucky when it comes to competitions whereas my mum is lucky with lottery and scratchcards – my OH and Dad aren’t at all


    How great that you got your money back. I don’t think a lot of people are that lucky. I tend to steer clear of bingo sites for that reason.


    So glad you got your money back! I don’t have much luck with these things xo


    aw wow well done you I have to admit I rarely win anything and go to bingo with my mum once a month won nothing yet but hey you have to be in t to win it right


    Wow nice. Congrats. Good you got your money back. The luck of the Irish eh..


    That is brilliant! I used to think I was unlucky as I never won anything, but then last July I starting enter competitions online, twitter etc, and so far in just those few months I have won 150 items! I get such a buzz when the postman brings me my prize


    Lovely story, did you ever manage to get a holiday to see giraffes?


    Congrats it is lovely when you win a little something I never win anything either x

    Miss Kitty Kaos – Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl


    Congrats on your win! Hope the winning streak continues for you 🙂 Also, that camel mask is super cute!


    lol I feel you with the never winning anything. I was born on st patricks day so I really feel like I should have the luck of the Irish but obviously someone somewhere disagrees haha


    Wooo well done you – I used to love entering competition but haven’t for ages. What an awesome Camel Bob makes as well! x


    I’m exactly the same as you, I never win anything but my husband will come home from a raffle with three prizes!


    Aw I am so glad you won back the money you lost x


    I’m always amazed when I win at anything – I’m the person who goes to a raffle where there are 3x the amount of prizes than people and still don’t win anything!


    Yay for getting your money back! I love competitions.


    Luck comes on its way and I guess all people have their respectives luck in life, in whatever perspective


    Great post. I always forget to contribute things to school parties etc! I remember sometimes but I get so busy most days, I totally forget sometimes x


    woo definitely the luck of the irish! i never win anything myself


    You were very lucky that day. I also seem to win at raffles, but it would be for the very last prize that no one wants. My luck needs to change too


    Aww congrats! Thats sounds amazing!! You were soo lucky!

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