Apr 202015

To celebrate their 70th anniversary Spading Bulb have sent us a box of mystery seeds.


Bob couldn’t wait to plant them!


We bought some gardening tools especially for the occasion and got to work.


I let Bob take control of the activity. She chose which bulbs to plant and where to plant them.


Sally supervised.


I have just reread the original e mail and realised that some of the seeds could be be flowers but some might be vegetables. I have now realised it may have been better to plant each variety of seed in a different pot.


Bob was so proud of her purple planter though and was keen to plant all of the seeds in it. I am now expecting carrots to be growing alongside pansies. 🙂 Oh well! At least Bob had a wonderful time!


She is very proud of her seeds and checks if they have grown every 5 minutes. We only planted them on Saturday so they haven’t started to grow yet but she keeps checking.


I have to keep an eye on how much Bob is watering her pride and joy. She would water them all day if I let her!


Hopefully the plants will grow otherwise gardener Bob will be very disappointed. I am a bit worried as she has planted them so higgledy piggledy and she thinks they are always thirsty.

If not maybe Spalding could send us some plants that are partially grown. I could then swap them whilst Bob is asleep. 🙂

Keep your green fingers crossed for our flowers/vegetables!

In Collaboration With Spalding Bulbs

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