My husband works in the food industry. As it is January they are concentrating on their healthy eating products. They have several new ranges to help encourage people to eat well.

Many of the senior managers are overweight and the owner didn’t think that this was the best image. She asked them if they would join her in a weight loss challenge.

The participants were weighed at the beginning of January and they will be weighed each week. Their losses are recorded in the company newsletter. That’s scary motivation! The challenge is for each person to lose a minimum of 1 stone. They will all have a final weigh in at the end of February and for every pound that is lost £2 will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.

Michael spent December planning for his challenge. He bought some scales for our bathroom. It took him ages to decide which ones to buy as there are many different scales out there that measure a number of things, like these Harris Scarfe weight scales. He also made it his mission to eat all of the chocolate and sweets in the house so that he wouldn’t be tempted by them in January. This made me chuckle. I asked him if he was purposely trying to put on a stone so that it would be easier for him to lose it.

He had his first weigh in on Tuesday the 5th of January and since then he has been really good. He had a few wobbles over the weekend and he worried he wouldn’t have lost anything but I knew he would be fine. Even with the wobbles he had eaten much healthier than he usually would. He seems in a really good mindset and he has even started playing squash again. I think he will do really well.

He had his weigh in this morning and in 1 week he has lost 3.6lbs. (That’s three point six for those of you that are reading on a mobile phone. I didn’t want you to miss the dot and worry that he had vanished!) He is now worrying about keeping up this new regime until the end of February. I know he will be fine. Good luck Michael and everyone else in your team! The more you lose the more money will be raised for a worthy cause!

Rising To The Challenge

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  13 Responses to “Michael’s Weight Loss Challenge”


    Oh wow what a great way to loose weight. Fantastic weight loss too 🙂 I bet he is happy! Its great when you have the support x


    This is such a good idea!! Having the results published in the company newsletter would definitely be enough motivation to get me moving – keep it up Michael!


    What a lovely idea, I like it. Having to keep a healthy diet for 2 months it’s great, as new habits can be created and kept after the diet is over. Good luck x


    Good luck michael! Make lots of money for charity while losing all the choccy bars you ate 😉 (I’m still scoffing the xmas goodies before embarking on my clean eating programme!) x


    Many congratulations keep up the good work. Lovely idea and concept more work places should do this.


    Good luck! and great idea to raise money as a kick start to weight loss


    What a brilliant program for a worthwhile cause, best of luck to Michael and the team! Stephanie x


    That’s a great loss for the first week, and a great company project too – best of luck! 🙂


    That is fantastic for the first week, way to go x


    Sounds like a great idea and a really good way to stay motivated too.


    Fantastic way to loose weight and help other people too. Losing weight is never easy, but it transforms your life when it’s done 🙂 Shifting my 6st was the hardest few months of my life, but i’ve never been happier. I just wish I had done something for charity.


    This sounds like an absolutely great idea! Loved this post!

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