Why is Foster Care Needed?

Unfortunately, the numbers of ‘looked after’ children in England are currently over 72,000. The setting that best meets the needs of these children is foster care. Foster care provides the family environment that gives the best chance of stability for children. This is true both for short-term placements while longer-term plans are put in place (such as returning home or adoption) and long-term placements (where a child stays in foster care until adulthood). As it currently stands, we are deeply [click here to read on]

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Michael's Weight Loss Challenge

My husband works in the food industry. As it is January they are concentrating on their healthy eating products. They have several new ranges to help encourage people to eat well. Many of the senior managers are overweight and the owner didn’t think that this was the best image. She asked them if they would join her in a weight loss challenge. The participants were weighed at the beginning of January and they will be weighed each week. Their losses [click here to read on]

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A Rainbow Race For Life

I have always thought that the Race For Life was for breast cancer. I knew that only women took part and as everyone wears pink I assumed that it was to help women fight against breast cancer. That was until my friend Nadine asked me to join her in her mission. Nadine is the bravest person I know! We used to work together a few years ago when we were both studying for our childcare qualifications. Back then our worries [click here to read on]

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Oct 142012
Olive's Army

My daughter Bob is 16 months old. She is walking confidently, running over confidently and she is starting to say several words. My heart gives a little leap every time she says something new. The other day when she was asked if she would like some more potatoes she answered, ‘Tatoes!’ in the cutest little voice! Imagine if that was the last word she learnt. Imagine if her development stopped and began to deteriorate. Imagine if she could no longer [click here to read on]

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