I have always thought that the Race For Life was for breast cancer. I knew that only women took part and as everyone wears pink I assumed that it was to help women fight against breast cancer.

That was until my friend Nadine asked me to join her in her mission. Nadine is the bravest person I know! We used to work together a few years ago when we were both studying for our childcare qualifications. Back then our worries were how thick to mix the powder paint or what to dress up as for a night out in Nottingham.

Now we are both grown ups. Well, we’re supposed to be. 😉 We are married and have children. How grown up is that?

As many of my readers will know, life changes dramatically when you have a child. They are lovely but they are very hard work. It’s a good job they are worth it! Nadine has a 5 month old little boy. I think that I have blocked Bob at 5 months from my memory. 😉 She used to sleep even less then! I just remember life being spent in a sleep-deprived state.

Not only does Nadine do a fabulous job of taking care of her beautiful son she is also battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Not only does she have a young baby to take care of, she also has to undergo intense chemotherapy. Not for much longer though, her last session is in April.

She is so positive and never complains! When I am in a mood as Bob has been up all night I think of Nadine and how fabulous she is and I tell myself to stop being so pathetic! She is such an inspiration!


When Nadine asked me to join her mission to make a rainbow Race for Life and to raise awareness of all cancers I was honoured to be involved!

Race for Life is to help women battling all cancers and, as Nadine regularly writes on Facebook, not all cancers are pink. Lymphoma is represented by lime green which is the colour that many of our group, The Lymphoma Legends, will be wearing. I am planning on finding some lime green leg warmers!

Nadine didn’t ask for this though. All she wanted was for individuals to make a choice and race in the colour that was important to them. There are 26 colours that represent cancer and she just wants to see more of them represented.

Ribbon Colours

Are you doing the Race for Life this year? If so, how about racing in the colour that’s important to you?

The Lymphoma Legends will be racing (or strolling as my case may be) at Nottingham Victoria Embankment on Sunday the 9th of June at 2pm. If you would like to join us, the more the merrier! If you would like to sponsor us you can do so via our fundraising page or simply text LYMP47 and the amount that you wish to donate to 70070. Every little helps and would be much appreciated!

Let’s make a rainbow!

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  7 Responses to “A Rainbow Race For Life”


    Such a moving post, I hope Nadine is well again soon. Good luck in your race.x


    Oh Charlotte, Nadine is such an inspiration, and lucky to have you as a friend too. Good luck in your Race for Life – and I never knew that about the different coloured ribbons.


    Nice one hon. I had no idea at all that there were so many different coloured ribbons.
    Best wishes to Nadine – hope she is well again soon x


    What a movin pst, your friend sounds very inspirational. Good luck in the race for life x


    It sounds like you and Nadine are both lucky to have each other!


    Brilliant that you are racing too! I am racing in July.

    I can’t say I agree with the rainbow I’m afraid. I have had Leukaemia and currently have Thyroid Cancer (which is also classed as head and neck Cancer, so I’m not sure why that has two ribbons?). My gran died of Lung Cancer, she also had Skin Cancer. My FIL has battled Colon Cancer and my Dad and Grandad have Prostate Cancer. There are also lots or rare Cancer’s that aren’t on that list at all!

    So I think I will stick with the Pink as that represents ALL types of Cancer. I’m sorry to sound lairy, but this has made me quite cross. Pink is the colour for Cancer. Most charities have a colour. It being pink has no resemblence on men or women. That’s like saying you want to wear a Yellow Poppy on Poppy day to remember those whose surnames begin with Y.

    Rant over. Sorry.

    All the best to your friend in her brave fight. I believe the treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma is similar to the treatment for Leukaemia, so I know what she’s going through.

    Good luck to you both in Race For Life too. Are you going to run or walk? I am stupidly unfit and the Cancer isn’t helping, but I hope to train up to run! xx


      Sorry if I have upset you and sorry that you have been through so much. I didn’t realise that pink stood for all cancers I thought that all cancers was lavender and pink was just the colour that had been chosen.

      The reason that we have highlighted the different colours is to try and raise awareness. I thought that the Race For Life was only for breast cancer as did many people who I have spoken too.

      All we are trying to do is raise money for a good cause and support the people that we care about.

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